Walmart Plus Member Bad Experience

Walmart Plus Member Bad Experience, Walmart plus member here, I was on the phone with walmart customer service for over 90 minutes because they failed to mention to me that fedex lost my package, Walmart has terrible USA walmart customer service so I asked to be sent to a supervisor. The rep didn’t want to … Read more

Chewy Review

Reviews, A posted Chewy review with one star. I was with Chewy when they first started, they even sent me a Christmas Card. I’ve purchased many thousands of dollars in pet food and supplies each year. There was a major issue with Fedex delivery which started about at least 3 years ago to now but … Read more

Big Business Reviews Company

A lot of us, as consumers, we rely heavily on the Star Rating System for products when shopping at an online retailer. Have you ever noticed at some companies, if you leave a 1 star rating and bad review for a product, your review may not appear or seems to vanish? This skews the rating … Read more ™ Copyright©2023 All Rights Reserved