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A lot of us, as consumers, we rely heavily on the Star Rating System for products when shopping at an online retailer. Have you ever noticed at some companies, if you leave a 1 star rating and bad review for a product, your review may not appear or seems to vanish? This skews the rating of the product because by giving it a better rating it is viewed as favorable and more than likely leads to better sales of that particular item. Contacting the company and reporting it seems to accomplish nothing because you’ll get a lot of “I’m Sorry” and your emails seem to go into an email black hole. This is why we as consumers have to give honest feedback and share our experiences when dealing with these big businesses because who really rates them? Hopefully they will take notice.

The the big business large corporations page is where you will find the largest of the large companies. You can rate any company and add your review without logging in, just tap the star and leave your feedback. The list of big businesses will be updated often but if you do not see the company listed, you can select the Company Reviews link at the top of the page. The main purpose of the page is to get honest feedback from people and consumers about these big businesses and your experiences, whether good or bad.

To Review a big business or reviews on a company, you will find a link at the top of the page titled “Review Big Business” or it can be found here Review Big Business

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