Best Walking Shoes Buying Guide (2019 Update)

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Are you looking for good shoes for walking all day?

I guess you know the importance of having the right and…..

… the best walking shoes that will make you feel comfortable anytime you wear it.

Best Walking Shoes Buying Guide (2019 Update) 1

Walking for good hours in wrong shoes can be painful!

Sometimes it causes painful blisters.

This can also lead to other issues that you would have managed to avoid if only you were wearing the right and best walking shoes.

Although there may be no specific shoes designed purely for walking, the features on the shoe you select can determine how good it is for walking.

When you conduct a few checks before buying your shoes you stand a better chance of selecting the best shoes to make your walking easy and comfortable.

Right Walking Shoes

The first thing you must consider when choosing a pair of walking shoes is the type of walking you will be doing and how often you will be doing it. The shoes you will need for running, walking, or jogging on a track or paved area will be different than the shoes you will need for hiking or for other rugged terrain activities.

If you plan on doing an activity more than three times per week, you’ll also need to be sure to invest in some very high-quality shoes that can stand up to such frequent use. While these may be a little more expensive, they will last you for much longer than cheaper shoes.

Note: Walking shoes are different from Hiking shoes

Best Walking Shoes Buying Guide (2019 Update) 2
Best Walking Shoes Tips

Choosing the Best Walking Shoes

When choosing best walking shoes, it’s important to know the basics of a walking shoe, as knowing this information will help you choose a shoe that will benefit both your foot health and improve your walking performance. Here are some basic tips and information for choosing a good pair:

  • Weight –

It is needless to say that a lightweight shoe makes the best walking shoe especially over long distances.

When you wear heavy shoes you only increase your chances of getting exhausted fast and such shoes will also weigh you down, making it harder for you to achieve your goals of the day.

It is therefore best that you start by looking for a lightweight show and then jump into other features that matter as well.

  • Flexibility –

It is important to remember that your feet will be flexing during toe-off and this makes it very important to select a show that is flexible enough to make walking blissful.

To allow your feet to flex and bend properly, go for grooves that are cut horizontally cross forefoot of outsole or at the shoe bottom. In case the shoe you are checking out lacks the flex grooves, then it is only best that you check that the materials used in the outsole are flexible enough.

  • Cushioning –

Low midsole profiles are used on walking shoes considering that walking required moderate cushioning especially when compared to running.

This is because there is less impact to the feet during walking that when running, hence not much cushioning is needed. A good walking shoe will most often have the cushioning under the foot base so be sure to check on that.

  • Breathability –

The upper materials used on the shoe will determine how breathable it really is. Walking shoes should have upper materials that are sturdy enough to offer needed support, but also breathable to keep your feet comfortable throughout.

Leather shoes may be sturdy but they are less breathable whereas those made from synthetic mesh combined with other good materials tend to be breathable, durable and lightweight too. It is therefore crucial that you check the materials before buying.

  • Stability –

Walking may be low-impact but you definitely will do better with a shoe that offers you better stability. Look for the low-profile heel with a bevel on the outer side to keep feet and ankle steady as you walk. The heel should also be constructed in such a way that feet roll through promoting a foot strike that is efficient. Shoes that have materials reinforcing heel area offer more stability since they keep the feet snugly centered and in place as you walk.

A good pair of walking shoes will give you maximum control and superior comfort. If your shoes are not comfortable, you will not want to continue your walking program. By getting the right pair of shoes, you will want to hit the road and will enjoy your walk!

Walking shoes are designed to address the role of the walking gait. Running shoes are designed to address higher impact forces and can interfere with the heel to toe roll of the walking gait. Cross trainers give additional support to the ankle primarily for the gym enthusiast. Stick with walking shoes for a walking only program.

A good pair of walking shoes will be breathable which helps keep your feet dry and cool.

Best Walking Shoes Buying Guide (2019 Update) 3

If you have arch support issues, get shoes that have the right amount of arch support for you or get inserts for your shoes. Your walking shoes should also give you maximum shock absorption.

Fit is the most important consideration. A good fitting shoe will prevent you from getting heel blisters or bruised toenails.

A good fit means not too tight, not too loose. If you desire help in selecting your walking shoes, see a podiatrist to help you. He/she can quickly lead you to the type of walking shoes you need.

Go to a brick and mortar store to buy your first pair of comfortable walking shoes.

Go to the store when you have plenty of time to try on shoes. This is a very important purchase and you don’t want to rush and get the wrong pair of shoes.

Try both shoes on at the same time. Because of bunions or past injuries, one foot can be slightly bigger than the other. This will eliminate one shoe fitting perfectly while the other is too tight. Lace up the shoes all the way on both shoes.

Best Walking Shoes Buying Guide (2019 Update) 4

Walk around the store and see how the shoes feel. Are these shoes warm and fuzzy comfortable? If not, try on another pair. Keep trying on walking shoes until you find the pair that feels great at the right price. Wear them home if you can.

Wear them around the house for a couple of days to break them in. When you are sure that they are comfortable and broken in, you are ready to begin your walking program.

Walking shoes vs Running Shoes

Most people confuse walking shoes from running shoes. The are difference between walking and running shoes. Below, you will know the difference between walking and running shoes.

  • Walking Shoes: When walking, our natural foot motion flows from the heel, through the ball of the foot and ends at the toe. During walking we are generally well balanced and our feet are required to absorb much less shock than when running. It’s for these main reasons that walking shoes are designed they way they are – to maximize proper motion during this mechanical action by the body. Walking shoes are constructed with flexibility in mind through the ball of the foot providing a better range of motion. Walking shoes also have support built into the arches, which absorb most of the shock during walking.
  • Running Shoes: Just like walking shoes, running shoes are designed (in general) to match the body mechanics of running. These often means more cushioning to protect against higher levels of impact, more structure designed to support proper motion, extra light-weight and breathable materials to keep feet cool, and more specific cushion in the heel to help protect the main point of impact during running.

Where to buy good walking shoes?

Severally times people get to ask this question “where can I buy good walking shoes”? Although buying good walking shoes can be very stressful but in the end it worth the stress. The best place to buy good walking shoes is online. Amazon is a well known online store that has several walking shoes you can really imagine.

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