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Reviews, A posted Chewy review with one star. I was with Chewy when they first started, they even sent me a Christmas Card. I’ve purchased many thousands of dollars in pet food and supplies each year. There was a major issue with Fedex delivery which started about at least 3 years ago to now but chewy has yet to resolve the issue and I’ve contacted Fedex many times concerning this. I spoke with Chewy customer support and I tried everything but the issues were never fixed. I told them that I wanted my pet food, not dumped off near the driveway where the rain and snow get to it. They said that’s no problem, we’ll just replace it but I told them that I can’t keep disposing of the cat food like that, just fix the problem, which they never did. There were too many issues with Chewy, the customer service people were nice but that’s not going to get me the products that I order. I ordered some dog food which was delivered in good shape about a month ago so things maybe started looking better for Chewy. I’ve been going to Walmart for my pet supplies but I needed some dog food. I tried to order online and it kept saying, I’m sorry please try again. This happened a few months ago so I got a customer service supervisor to resolve it. It didn’t resolve itself so I called Chewy and asked them if they had any coupons but the agent Morgan was very abrupt, almost ignoring me, trying to get me off the phone and brushing me off. I asked to be transferred to a manager and Stephanie said that my account was deactivated pending further notice, fraud and they needed to look into it. Stephanie filled out the paperwork to send over to that department but I couldn’t order the dog food that I needed. So I’ve been with Chewy since they first started online and for no reason they deactivated my account. There wasn’t any fraud because no one had the log in information and there were no strange orders or charges from Chewy. I am looking at my email and they still never got back to me. I am done with Chewy, I will permanently take my business elsewhere, probably to Walmart and other pet supply places.

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