Discover the Best Hidden Cameras in 2019 for Preventing Crime

For years, people have relied on hidden cameras to cover conflict, monitor their homes remotely, and even bust their cheating spouses without their knowledge. Most models are light and portable. Their disguised designs are functions, while their ability to stunning photographs and videos have made then sought-after professional accessories by professional reporters all over the world. If you are part of this group and want a well-designed hidden camera that you can use for personal and or professional use, the 10 models reviewed on this list are among the best. They are durable, very easy to set up and use, and have functional designs that you can easily conceal in your home, office, and even personal belongings without getting noticed. Read on for a detailed analysis of their desirable features.

LanLan Super Mini 520TVL

Durable, high resolution, and among the most recommended in top 10 best hidden cameras in 2018 reviews, LanLan Super Mini 520TVL is a compact and easy to use CCTV camera that transmits data reliably to TV/VCR systems. It is also compatible with RCA video monitors and multiplexers and features a unique standalone design that does not require your presence to work. All components are professional-grade. Its micro sized camera has an excellent night vision while its durable and easy to setup plug and play design works in homes, restaurants, pubs, shops, and other establishments. This hidden surveillance camera will never disappoint you over the years.

Toughsty Mini Hidden Camera

As its name suggests, this mini camera by Toughsty is a compact and easy to use surveillance accessory that doubles as a security camera for people that want to monitor the proceedings of their homes. It id durable, supports digital video and audio recording, and has easy to use buttons that boost its functionality significantly. The 16GB storage space offered supports hours-worth of audio and video recording, while the high-definition (HD) pinhole camera that it comes with records clear HD video and audio in both high and low light environments. With an original model, you also get a large dedicated spy button that you can use to generate real time recordings, a built in microphone that records clear HD sound, a cool and lightweight design grants you total control of recording jobs in all environments, and a durable rechargeable battery pack with an impressive 90-minute capacity.

Guardline HD Spy Pen Camera

Designed to record 720p true HD videos in all environments, Guardline HD is a professional-grade spy pen camera with a light, portable, and easy to conceal design and a built in 8GB memory card that holds up to three hours-worth of videos. The rechargeable battery it comes with is durable. It is also super easy to setup and use, and comes with an optional motion detection feature that makes it an excellent surveillance tool indoors and outdoors. If you have a few dollars to spend, this spy camera is affordable. It connects to and works well with Windows and Macintosh computer, has an awesome plastic case that withstands everyday abuse, and has a stable and easy to use design that you will enjoy using. You get a lifetime warranty for it.

Toughsty Mini DV Camcorder and Hidden Camera

A sought-after mini DV camcorder by individuals worldwide, Toughsty is an advanced media accessory with a built-in audio function that works well in all environments. It is durable, has a concealable spy design that supports real time video and audio recording, and has an expanded memory card slot (32GB) that allows you to keep shooting for several hours. The Snapshot function offered is innovative. Its small and covert design works well for both individuals and professionals, while its simple design allows users to capture meetings, interviews, conferences, and even talks without dealing with nested navigational systems or attracting attention. As most cameras listed, it is also affordable, supports USB recharging, and lasts for years.

Toughsty 8GB Wearable Mini Hidden Camera

Disguised as a cute yellow smiley face, this wearable hidden camera by Toughsty is a convenient mini accessory with a compact and light design that works well for both men and women. It is durable, supports video recording, and has a powerful built in microphone that records crisp and clear sound in all environments. Setup is a breeze. The 720 x 480 pictures and videos that it produces are professional-grade, while the 16GB SD card storage offered allows you to shoot, record, and store hours-worth of HD data per sitting. Buyers also get a convenient auto shut-off feature that saves power, supports various video and image formats, and has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery and a suction mount bracket that comes in handy.

Toughsty 8GB HD Wearable Hidden Camera Sport Cap

Disguised as a baseball cap, this wearable hidden camera by Toughsty is a well-designed high definition accessory with 8GB storage. It is affordable, doubles as an excellent camcorder and video recorder, and has a built in microphone and an advanced audio function that users find invaluable. The motion activation technology offered makes it an ideal spy too. The remote control that it comes with eases usage further, while the 1920 x 1080p videos generated at 30fps are high quality and permissible as evidence. You also get a high capacity and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack, detailed user manual, and a durable USB cable that you can use to transfer data.

SpyCrushers Spy Camera Pen

Even though the 4GB offers sounds small by today’s standards, this Spy Camera Pen by SpyCrushers is an innovative accessory with a functional and durable design that never disappoints. It is easy to conceal, has a high grade 720p digital camera that capture HD pictures, videos, and audio, and has a hassle-free money back guarantee that attests it value. It is also sturdy, does not blink when recording, and connects reliably to both Windows and Macintosh computers for efficient data transfer. This camera draws power from a rechargeable lithium ion (li-ion) battery pack, has a time and date stamp feature, and works as a real executive pen and a digital web camera.

Winait 5MP Mini Digital Spy Camera

Considered among the best and smallest spy cameras in the market, Winait Mini is a high-performance digital camera with an advanced 5MP camera that captures stunning 1280 x 960 megapixel videos. It is durable, relatively easy to conceal, and has a sturdy plastic construction that resists dents and scratches in transit. Its portability is invaluable, while its ability to function as a webcam, sound recorder, video camera, and camera makes it an ideal all-in-one accessory that offers value. This hidden camera has high storage (16GB SD/TF), supports USB data transfer and charging, and comes with durable and high-speed USB cables that you can use on an everyday basis. It is also affordable, relatively easy to use, and works indoors and outdoors.

UOKOO Portable Mini IP Camera

An acclaimed IP camera globally, UOKOO is a portable mini accessory with a built in microphone that captures clear and noise-free sounds when in use. It is durable, has a powerful 1280 x 720p wireless camera that shoots stunning videos and photos, and has a compact and easy to install design that installs conveniently out of sight. Its built in motor detection feature turns on recording whenever it detects motion, while its aesthetic black body does not scratch not fade over the years as poorly designed ones do. For a few dollars, you get a quality product that works in all environments.

Jumbl Mini Hidden Spy Camera

Topping our list of the best hidden cameras, Jumble is an advanced mini hidden spy camera with a standalone design that works well during the day and at night. It is durable, has a built in speaker that allows you to review its recording before backup, and has a black-themed plastic construction that blends well in the environment. Well setup therefore, nobody will ever know that there is a camera around or that you are secretly monitoring your bedroom and or office for prying eyes. It also has infrared night vision that records in pitch darkness, 32GD MicroSD storage, and clear 2-inch screen.


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