ECALOO Kitchen Utensil Stainless Steel Super Fine Mesh Strainer – Review

Basically, I will discuss or share my experience regarding one strainer which I recently bought from Amazon. The full product name is ECALOO Kitchen Utensil Stainless Steel Super Fine Mesh Strainer. This is basically a strainer that we very often use in our daily kitchen works. The requirements of this particular kitchen tool can be for various reasons, like straining rice, or for staining fried items and many more. But the specialty of this strainer is by using this single strainer we can serve different kinds of straining work. Basically, it is found in many cases that we had to take different strainer for doing our different straining works. Because sometimes it is found that the straining material is very big for the purpose or sometimes it is very delicate to use it in very hot substances like hot cooking oil.

So, good strainers making company like ECALOO can basically save lots of your time and money in a long run by bringing to us like this type of multi-functional strainers.

So, let’s have a look at the detailing factors of this wonderful super fine mesh strainer.

ECALOO Kitchen Utensil Stainless Steel Super Fine Mesh Strainer – 1

First, let me share about its total size from top to bottom. It is about 32 cm (i.e. 12.6 inches) in length and its weight is just 63 grams. This strainer is made up of good and hard quality stainless steel which is very much durable and long lasting. Maybe this is the reason why they are saying it will be a lifetime guaranty to purchase this strainer.

The color of this strainer is polished silver. The hole of the mesh strainer is just 0.2 mm, which is quite understandable for you how fine is the strainer hole is?

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Due to this fineness of the hole, you can strain even a fine substances if you want. To make you understand its fineness I am giving you two examples that give you an idea of what you can do with the help of this strainer. With the help of this strainer, you can strain the finest scattered pieces of any fried item after frying and even can strain or remove the fatty oil of the soup or broths while making those. With the help of this strainer, you can simply make your prepared food item much healthier for your family or kids.

ECALOO Kitchen Utensil Stainless Steel Super Fine Mesh Strainer – 2

This product is also dishwasher friendly. It also contains a hanging hole at the end of its handle that is very convenient to hang it from any hook in your kitchen. Sometimes this can prove to be very handy and space saver for you and for your kitchen.

Firstly when I purchased this I was having some confusion whether it will be helpful or not. But after using it I am pretty much satisfied with this super thoughtful item.

If after hearing my experiences you are thinking about purchasing this awesome product then I have good news for you all. This product is going through a super duper discounted offer till coming 15th September 2018. To avail this discount just go and use the coupon code “KDAYWV4U” and get a 60% discount on the total amount of the product. Isn’t it a nice offer for those who are already thinking of adding this utility based strainer into their kitchen? So go and grab this kitchen tool for making your kitchen much handier and comfortable for your daily life.

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