How to Choose the Best Toilet Plungers in 2019 – A Top 10 Review

Even though common in homes, blocked toilets and sinks is a frustrating affair that most people find hard to deal with. If you are having a similar challenge and all remedies you have experimented with have failed thus far, buying a toilet plunger might be the best solution. Even though simple and attainable cheap in stores, these rubberized household accessories generates a high suction that dislodges solids well.

Their convenient designs penetrate and flush several types of toilets well while their stable handles and cost effective designs make them ideal accessories for both household and commercial usage. To get the best of the best in this niche without spending a lot of money, the top 10 plungers listed in this review are among the best in 2018. They are durable, have convenient designs that plunge efficiently, and retail cheap on the Web.

Kleen Freak

Do you have a high traffic toilet that clogs from time to time? Have you experimented with hot water and a plethora of other remedies with poor results? This Kleen Freak plunger will never let you down. Attainable as a convenient combo kit (plunger and holder), this accessory is affordable.

Its patent-pending design is durable and specially built to flush many types of toilets while its handle is durable and has a light and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand. The pliable rubber used to manufacture its head, on the other hand, does nor crack nor lose its plunging power over time as most poorly designed models often do. It also has pliable ridges that create a better seal and a stylish storage tray that contains messes well.

Korky 93-8

Designed and manufactured in the USA, Korky 93-8 is a valuable plunger with a glossy and exclusive design made of the best quality materials in the niche. The quality plastic used to manufacture its head, for instance, is durable and has a well-sealing design that creates impressive plunging pressure.

As such, instead of plunging several times to clear plunging system, as is always the case using most standard plungers, one of two plunges with Korky 93-8 will get the job done. Its yellow wooden handle is also sturdy and grips comfortably in the hand while its non-marking design does not stain nor scratch toilet bowls. Order an original one to get a top of the line toilet plunger that never disappoints.

Molla 094

Featuring a patented all-angle head that generates mighty suction, Molla 094 is a premium plunger brand attainable as a package of two high-performance accessories that you will enjoy using. Each plunger is durable, has a versatile and pliable tiered ridge head that plunges toilet plumbing well, and has a well-constructed low profile head that penetrates low clearance and hard to reach areas.

The aluminum used to manufacture its handle, on the other hand, is stylish and designed to improve plunging power while its industrial grade design benefits individuals with offices and high-traffic establishments such as hotels and or restaurants. With an original, you will have a positive experience whenever you spare time to clear out your toilet.

Korky 99-4A

As the Korky 93-8 plunger listed herein, Korky 99-4A is a top grade plunger with a compact and easy to use design that works better than larger models. It is affordable, black-themed, and is made of a durable and pliable rubber that grips the plumbing in toilets well for faster and efficient plunging without staining and or compromising the value of toilets in any way. Setup and handling are simple.

Its light and easy to maneuver design fits several types of toilets (TOTO, Kohler, and American Standard to name a few) while its plastic T-top handle is sturdy, conveniently designed to fit comfortably in the hand, and does not trap odors and or culture disease-causing bacteria during storage.

Get Bats Out Plunger

Recommended for draining clogs, sinks, bathrooms, and toilets, Get Bats Out is a multi-functional toilet plunger with a sturdy industrial-grade design that does not break nor lose its functionality over time. Set up is simple. Its space-saving 21-inch design fits well under sinks and in cabinets while its large and extended cup has a durable and well-fitting design that generates impressive plunging pressure in all environments.

Its plastic handle, on the other hand, is easier to clean than wooden ones. Its splinter-free design is also easier and safer to use than comparable wooden ones and does not absorb bad odors nor culture harmful bacteria over time. You get a free healthy bowel eBook guide with each original Get Bats out Plunger that you purchase.

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger

This toilet plunger by Simplehuman is an advanced white-themed toilet accessory with a narrow and long design that penetrates and plunges most modern and traditional toilets well. It is durable, has a sturdy and well-gripping stainless steel rod, and has a pliable rubberized plunger that flushes plumbing efficiently even without exerting a lot of pressure.

In addition to this convenient plunger, you get a dome-shaped cover for easier storage, a magnetic cover that secures it well, and a five-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all defects. With an original plunger, you will enjoy superior performance without spending a hefty sum of money.

G.T. Water Products

Christened the Master Plunger by its manufacturer and individuals alike, MPS4 by G.T. Water products, Inc. is an aesthetic black themed toilet plunger with a short and versatile design that lasts long. Out of the box, it comes setup and ready to use. The high-quality plastic used to manufacture it grips plumbing well to generate optimal plunging power while its patented bellows make it an ideal accessory for unclogging floor drains and sinks in both homes and commercial establishments. Because of its compact design, storage and clean-up are also simple and its affordability impressive.

OXO Good Grips Hideaway

Attainable as a canister and toilet plunger combo, OXO Good Grips Hideaway is a novel accessory that has gained prominence is top 10 best toilet plungers in 2018 reviews for several reasons. The rubber plunger head that it comes with, for instance, is not only durable but also has a smooth and ridge-free design that plunges fast and cleanly without scratching or staining toilet bowls.

Its covered canister contains drips and odors well while its flat top handle is not only stable but also grips securely in the hand for easier control whilst plunging. Other features that have won the hearts of millions of homeowners are its long and easy to use design, neat and sanitary design and a low-maintenance white theme that does not stain trap bad odors during usage and or storage.

Mr. Clean 440436

Purchase Mr. Clean 440436 to get a stylish blue and white turbo plunger with a matching caddy set for easier and convenient storage. Manufactured using a durable and pliable plastic, this plunger works well. Its rubber gripped handle is stable and very easy to use while its extended design offers fast and effective results devoid of the toilet type in your home or office. The stylish caddy that buyers get is also durable and has a non-slip base that prevents the plunger from tumbling during storage.

Neiko 60166A

Topping our list, Neiko 60166A is an industrial-grade rubberized rubber plunger with a convenient all-angle design that penetrates and flushes many types of toilets efficiently. Even though lightweight, it lasts long. Its pliable head has tired rides that create an ultra-tight seal while its aluminum handle is not only durable but also grips securely in the hand for maximum exertion of pressure when alleviating stubborn clogs. Neiko 60166A is cost effective, relatively easy to use or maintain, is designed for industrial, office, and household usage.


For an easier and safer toilet flushing or plunging experience, the 10 plunger listed herein are among the best products to use. There are durable, have high-pressure system, and are attainable cheap.


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