List 10 Best Monopods for DSLR in 2019 Reviews

As you work with shooting every day, there will be the time you will need to replace your old existing one with the new Monopods. Many of the products have come into the market each day with new designs, prices, and the quality. If you are looking to buy one, it is important that you have enough of the up-to-date information regarding the monopod so that you might be able to make a better decision in choosing the right monopod. For next in the article, we have also brought the ten best monopods for your consideration too. A brief review of those individuals also come along.

Comparison Table: Best Monopods for DSLR Cameras in 2018!

Serial No.

Name Dimensions Weight Rating
10 Monopods 67-Inch Monopod 21.45 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches 0.8 pounds


9 SIRUI P-326 6 Section Carbon Fiber Monopod 3 x 3.1 x 16.8 inches 0.88 pounds 4.5
8 Pro Series 72 Monopod 65.8 x 7.6 x 6.6 cm 476 gm 3.8
7 Dolica Lightweight Monopod 33 x 5.1 x

5.1 cm

0.8 kg 4.5
6 Benro Monopod with 3-Leg Locking Base 162.6 x 5.1

x 5.1 cms

1.3 kg 5.0
5 KINGJOY MP-3208F Professional 65-inch Adjustable Travel Monopod Kit 30.8 x 4.8 x 4.8 inches 4 pounds 4.9
4 Albott 70-Inch Digital SLR Camera Monopod 28.8 x 3.9 x 4.8 inches 5 pounds 4.5
3 Manfrotto Professional Aluminum Video Monopod with Fluid Movie Head 29 x 4.5 x 4.2 inches 7 pounds 4.3
2 Telescopic Handheld Professional Monopod Camera Extender Pole 8 x 4 x 24 cm 104 gm 4.3
1 Vivitar VIV-VT-67 67-Inch Monopod 60.8 x 7.2 x 6.2 cm 1.1 pounds 2.0

For next in the article, we have also brought the ten best monopods for your consideration too. A brief review of those individuals also come along.

10. Monopods 67-Inch Monopod

10. AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod

One of the amazing monopods to suggest for now is the 67-inch monopod which is the product of AmazonBasics. This does ensure its great quality from the brand. The monopod has been made with many special features such as its extendability and the adjustable strap. Also, this monopod is mainly made from the aluminum which makes it durable and lightweight.


9.SIRUI P-326 6 Section Carbon Fiber Monopod

9.SIRUI P-326 6 Section Carbon Fiber Monopod

Differently, this SIRUI monopod is produced from carbon fiber to ensure it to be light but strong monopod for durable use. Wrist strap has also been attached to this monopod model to secure the camera through the accidental drop may happen. Its handle is also covered by the comfortable hand grip for a comfortable hold.


8.Pro Series 72 Monopod

8.Pro Series 72 Monopod

Currently, this Pro Series 72 inch monopod is one of the best deals. While its quality is just amazing as the top-rated monopods on the market, its price is only around 7 dollars. This happens because a very big discount has been applied to the product. If you love its design as can be seen in the picture, you had better claim it soon.


7.Dolica Lightweight Monopod

7.Dolica WT-1003 67-Inch Lightweight Monopod

Having been reviewed greatly positive, this Dolica monopod is among the top rated monopods which are a highly lightweight pole, made from aluminum alloy with very good functionality. For its leg, four sections have been made to allow for easy extendability adjustment. In addition to the bonus of the carrying bag, the wrist strap is also built in for your camera safety in case of a drop.


6.Benro Monopod with 3-Leg Locking Base

6.Benro A48FDS4 Monopod

At a higher price compared to other monopods in the list, the Benro package is more a complete one since it also includes the locking base with three legs as well as the S4 head. In case such a more complete set of the monopod is what you are looking for, this package should worth your consideration. Like other monopods, the leg of this Benro is also made with four different sections for the adjustment.


5. KING JOE MP-3208F Professional 65-inch Adjustable Travel Monopod Kit

This wonder monopod has been one of the best models in this monopod kit. It can be extended up to 1650 mm that merely be an ideal length for any shooting angle. It is also designed keeping the heavy camera weight in mind. It can carry up to 44.1 lbs weight that comes out to be very good. The unique feature is its flip locks that allow it to get it locked in the extended size very easily. The photographers can adjust the length of the stands according to their choice and requirement of the shots. It is not at all difficult to be used. Therefore it is termed as a user-friendly product. You can set up this monopod without any experts help. The main advantage comes to be its rotational ability where it can rotate about 360 degrees thereby making your work extremely beautiful. Its tilting capacity has been a maximum of 15 degree that is a lot of rest of its competitors. Overall this model comes out to be one of the best quality product where you will be enjoying maximum benefits in a price of a single piece.


4. Albott 70-Inch Digital SLR Camera Monopod

With a net capacity to carry over 8.8 lbs, this model has been one of the best inventions till date. It comprises of the 3-way flexible pan that will allow the camera to rotate full 360 degrees. The total weight of this monopod comes out to be 3.63 lbs, which gives an additional feature of being easily portable. This package of features comes with additional accessories that will load more weight on a monopod to provide more stability during your work. Flips lock is present which eases you in adjusting the height of the stick according to your needs and look at the same position. To avoid damaging the surface or resist itself from the rough surfaces the  Digital SLR Camera Aluminum Travel Portable Tripod Monopod has rubber feet. For easy camera attachment and removal, a quick-release plate with a standard 1/4″-20 screw and video register pin is included. This model takes care of your storage problem. That is why it has a padded carrying case in which you can store your necessary and needed things. Overall this product has been rated as one of the perfect models and by using this, you will surely be gifting a perfect gift to your photography.

3.Manfrotto Professional Aluminum Video Monopod with Fluid Movie Head

3.Manfrotto Professional Aluminum Video Monopod

This specific monopod package is even more expensive than the rest. However, the fluid movie head is also included. For the Manfrotto monopod, it was made from aluminum to ensure lightweight for the easy hold while it also is quite durable. At the same time, three retractable feet are also made at the bottom for its stability.


2.Telescopic Handheld Professional Monopod Camera Extender Pole

2.Telescopic Handheld Professional Monopod Camera

Before last, it is the Telescopic Handheld Professional Monopod which is selected to review and recommend. This monopod is just very amazing for its quality, features, and functionality. One of the reason is the fact that this monopod can work best with many devices such as digital cameras, GoPro cameras, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and more. Additionally, its handle was covered by soft foam which users will feel very comfortable when holding it.


1.Vivitar VIV-VT-67 67-Inch Monopod

7.TARION 0.4m:15.7 Mini Hand Held SV-HD Camera Stabilizer

The last monopod for today recommendation is the Vivitar. Made with 67 inches long, wrist strap and hand grip are built in as a good feature of the product. Similarly, its leg was made in 4 different sections for your adjustment. From the customer reviews, this product seems to have satisfied its users very well, and it gets rated 4.5 stars. Additionally, a carrying bag is also included as a bonus in this package.


What are the qualities that you should look for in a Monopod for your DSLR before going to buy it?

If you are going to choose the Monopod for your DSLR, make sure that you invest your money in a good quality one. Do not get fooled up by getting a low-quality product just to be wallet-friendly. Make yourself updated about the best Monopod so that you pick up one for yourself. Well, I will help you in guiding you in every possible manner. Below down is a tally of some points that will help you out in selecting the proper Monopod for your DSLR.

  • Adjustable: Do ask the shopkeeper to give you the model that can be adjusted to any degree of high-quality shots and vision.
  • Extendable: This comes out to be the striking feature that has to be present in your Monopod. Extendable means that you can easily rise or fall for extraordinary shots. This will make your work superb and unique.
  • Fitting: You should prefer the Monopod that easily fits up to a maximum number of cameras. This will make your Monopod versatile and cost-efficient. You should also see that the fitting points are tight enough to make your camera stiff and tight to capture shots perfectly.
  • Lightweight: To make your Monopod easily portable be very wise to select the model that is light weighted.
  • Holding capacity: Always see that you select the Monopod that can stand up with high lbs. cameras. This will open up the options for you to use different cameras in same Monopod.
  • Rubber foot: As the Monopod have to be placed on different surfaces sometimes on very rough ones. You make sure that the sole of it has rubber to avoid scratches and to ruin of both surfaces and monopod.

Why prefer monopod over a tripod?

For an eye that does not have knowledge about the monopod benefits, they will not be able to identify the advantages of monopod over tripods or others. Today I will be helping you in clearing your doubts as to why you should prefer monopod over tripods. Below down is a tally of some points about it:

  • Feather weighted: A monopod is much lighter in weight when made a comparison with a tripod. It makes it very easy to take it from one place to another which is a frequent process in the photography field.
  • Space used: As compared to a tripod, the space used by the monopod to set up is much less than a tripod. This feature comes out to be a great help if the venue comes out to be a messy or crowded area.
  • Movability: If you correlate the both products on the basis movement ability, it is well proven that monopod has a higher level of movement angles. This makes it easier to take shots from different angles by standing at one place.
  • Holding capacity: The holding capacity of heavy weighted cameras is higher in monopod over the tripod. This makes it easy to use with most cameras with comfort.
  • Easy to set up: Monopod is very easy and quick to set up than tripods. With the easy and fast setup you can take up shots instantly at any place.
  • Heavy lenses usage: Sometimes you have to use heavy lenses to take up shots in a crowded area or water area. For this purpose, monopod provides a great help in completing your work as compared to tripods.
  • Raising capability: The feature to raise the camera in such a manner that the shots angle come out to be the upper one is more clear in monopod when measured with tripods.

From the all above monopods, the KINGJOY MP-3208F Professional 65-inch Adjustable Travel Monopod Kit Comes out to be the clear winner. Because of its adjustment quality and easy to be operated, this monopod has all the features that a photographer demands of. The presence of flip locks and rotational ability has made this monopod to be the best of all the above-mentioned models.

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