List Top 10 Best Car Seat Covers for Comfort in 2018 Reviews

What makes you feel comfortable when you are in the car? The seat? Of course, the car seat is a very vital feature that helps you release stiffness and discomfort while sitting long hours in the car. Also, a perfect car seat needs cover to provide you a completely comfortable feeling. Hence, here is the list of top 10 best car seat covers for comfort in 2017 reviews, those car seat covers will meet the purposes that you are looking for a high-quality car seat cover.

 Comparison Table: Best Car Seat Covers for Comfort in 2017! 

Serial No.

Name Dimensions Weight


1 Kick Mats by Freddie and Sebbie – Car Seat Covers 13 x 10.6 x 0.6 inches 13 ounces 4.2
2 FH-FB060 Trendy Elegance Car Seat Covers 14.2 x 11.1 x 7.4 inches 3.8 pounds 3.2
3 FH-FB102112 Classic Cloth Car Seat Covers 37.1 x 27.9

x 15 cm

1.6 kg 3.9
4 Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Universal Bucket Car Seat Cover 12 x 5.4 x 7.9 inches 13.6 ounces 4.1
5 FH-PU002-1115 Classic Exquisite Leather Car Seat Covers 12 x 5.7 x 7.6 inches 12.8 ounces 4.0
6 FH-FB051115 Multifunctional Flat Cloth Car Seat Covers 15.4 x 11.5 x 7.5 inches 3.1 pounds 2.8
7 OxGord Set Flat Cloth Mesh Car Seat Covers 17.1 x 13.1

x 7.1 inches

1.2 pounds 3.3
8 Universal Flat Cloth Car Seat Covers Black Color 15.1 x 10.5 x 7.4 inches 3 pounds 2.9
9 FH-FB050114 Flat Cloth Car Seat Covers 13.8 x 11.2 x 6.7 inches 2.5 pounds 3.3
10 FH-FB102102 Classic Bucket Cloth Car Seat Covers 36.6 x 26.7 x 9.9 cm 567 gm 3.6

1.Kick Mats by Freddie and Sebbie – Car Seat Covers

1.Kick Mats

Kich Mats car seat cover is a car seat cover branded by Freddie and Sebbie, and it is sure to provide you a durable car seat cover. It is quite easy to install and clean, and it is packed with 2 Kick Mat protector, so seats of passengers and drivers can be easily protected. It has lifetime replacement guarantee.

These seats go perfectly for the small baby or an old person who wants to keep there away from the seats. The fitting of these covers is great thus making your seats fully protected from stains and other damages. With these covers on you absolutely no need to worry about your seats and can fully enjoy your journey in a relaxing position as these come up with a lifetime guarantee.


2.FH-FB060 Trendy Elegance Car Seat Covers

2.FH-FB060 Trendy

The FH-FB060 car seat cover comes as a set with 11 pieces such as two front bucket covers, five rear bench seat covers, five headrest covers and 2 set mash cloth. For front seat covers, it is designed with Velcro which provides an easy way to insert headrest. For rear seat covers, it has three zippers to adjust left and right 40/60 split, 40/20/40 split and 50/50 split. Most importantly, this car seat cover is comfortable and durable. When you buy it, please make sure that your headrest can be detached.


3.FH-FB102112 Classic Cloth Car Seat Covers

3.FH-FB102112 Classic

The FH-FB102112 car seat cover has four pieces in totals such as two front bucket covers and two rear seat covers. This car seat cover is easy to install and wash, and it is breathable; therefore, it helps you protect your car seat against dirt. It has a lot of style and colors ranging from bright to dark color.

You can easily wash them at home whenever you feel that they have a lot of dust and dirt in them. There designing is extremely stylish and will surely complement the interiors of your car. FH car seat covers have great fittings which not allow your seats to get in contact with debris or unwanted stain.



4.Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Universal Bucket Car Seat Cover

4.Bell Automotive

The Bell’s 22-1-56258-8 Baja car seat cover is designed with stripe style along with mixed colors. Its style looks simple, but it is well-designed to provide you with a comfortable feeling. It is also long-life car seat cover, and it fits well with built-in or adjustable headrests.

You can easily extend your seats in a lean position, and they will fit in well in that situation also. The main striking feature is the mixing of a variety of colors that are used to make it. Easily washable at home and a great fitting makes it a must have a seat cover for you. You can easily travel with great fun and enjoy without caring about the seats.


5.FH-PU002-1115 Classic Exquisite Leather Car Seat Covers


The FH’s PU002-1115 car seat cover resists perfectly with water, and it is easy to clean. The front seat covers include Velcro opening which is easy to install if your car’s headrests are not a standard size. The rear bench seat covers include three zippers to adjust fit. This car seat cover protects your car seat from dirt and offers durability, and it is packed with an extra set of mesh cloth for exchanging in the box.


6.FH-FB051115 Multifunctional Flat Cloth Car Seat Covers


The FH’s FB051115 car seat cover is designed with several layers to provide durability and softness; the middle layer is made with foam, and another layer is made of mesh cloth. It is used with the materials that are washable and breathable. Also, there are a lot of available colors that you can select to make you feel more comfortable during driving.

When you will use these covers than you will automatically feel that these multifunctional covers have been made just with the main motive of providing comfort to its users. The material used is of high quality and is easy to wash at home by your hands or in machines. These can adjust automatically whenever you adjust the positions of your seats.


7.OxGord Set Flat Cloth Mesh Car Seat Covers

7.OxGord 17pc Set

The OxGord car seat cover fits not only for the simple car but also for truck, van, or Suv. It has 2/3 front bucket seat covers, 1/2 rear bench seat covers, one bench bra for 50/50 or 60/40 split bench option, five headrests, four belt pad protectors and one steering wheel cover packed in a set. It is made with materials that are durable, comfortable, breathable, and washable.


8.Universal Flat Cloth Car Seat Covers Black Color

8.Universal Flat Cloth

The universal car seat cover is from FH Company; its front seat cover is with Velcro opening which is easy to install. The middle layer is with 3mm foam, and the finishing layer is of mesh cloth. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any tearing problem. Also, it helps to protect your car seat against spills and dirt, and it resists well with water. Both colorful and dark color are available.


9.FH-FB050114 Flat Cloth Car Seat Covers


The FH’s FB050114 car seat cover is used with washable and breathable materials. It is designed for anti-dirt and spill, and it also provides comfortable feeling and helps to protect your back for long journey as it is made with 3mm foam in the middle layer and mesh cloth at the final layer. There is a variety of color available.

10.FH-FB102102 Classic Bucket Cloth Car Seat Covers

10.FH-FB102102 Classic

The FH’s FB102102 car seat cover includes with one piece style front bucket cover and one bag of snaps. It is made of several layers which are designed with 3mm foam, mesh cloth and small net cloth. It is used with washable and breathable materials, and it is anti-dirt car seat cover.

Why should you prefer seat covers for your car?

When you have purchased your brand new dream car the first question that clicks in your mind is that how to take care of it and its parts. The main attention goes to the seats were different persons sit on it on a daily basis. Sometimes while eating or due to other reasons your seat may get ruined or messy, and you cannot even take it out to wash it properly. Here it comes the need of a cover that can be put over it and can be washed easily every time it gets dirty.

These seats will make the original seats as it is without any debris or ruin it. Well here is a rundown of some advantages if seat covers:

  • Prevents Fading: Due to contact with ultraviolet rays on a large basis, your seats might start fading up. But these seat covers will help you out in maintaining the shine of your seats even after years of use.
  • Add ups beauty: You can add up to the beauty of your beloved car by gifting it a very classy and fantastic seat covers. The covers have their charm and gooks which will surely make the interior of your cars fantastic every time.
  • Comfort: You may not be aware of the fact that seat covers provide great a lot of comfort to the persons who are sitting on it. They provide the friction as well as they also have the feature to remain cool in summers as well as warm in winters. This surely eases the passengers in every season.
  • Easily washable: whenever you find out that your seats are messed up, you can easily wash them at your home and again get them back on their duty.

Which covers should you choose for your car?

After knowing about the advantages of seat covers, I am very much sure of the fact that you must have to make up your mind you get it for yourself. After deciding the doubt arises as in which seat covers you should invest. Well, this is a matter of thinking. But do not panic. I am here to guide you all only. I will be telling you some important features that you can include in your list while deciding the seat covers. Here is a rundown of it:

  1. Easy care: Select the piece that is easy to care. Whenever debris enters it, you may find it a lot easier to wash it or clean it from its surface with a simple cloth or scrub.
  2. Scratch proof: Be very wise in your selection by preferring the seat covers that are scratch resistant. This will increase the life the durability of your shields, and you may not have to change it after few months of purchase.
  3. Removable: for comforting of cleaning, pick up the seat covers that you can remove from its placed and can be easily adjusted after cleaned. This will help in the deep cleaning of the seat covers.
  4. Classy: Try to choose the latest and unique design as it will play a great role in your interior of your car look extraordinary. Obviously, do keep your budget in your mind but if you are getting superb quality covers in just a little more investment, make sure you do not pull yourself.
  5. Adjustable headrest: this comes out to be the most important feature. Make sure that the cover can be adjusted in the manner you keep your head even on normal days or on a long journey.
  6. Zippers: Zippers are the facility that is given to make adjustments in the cover if you are stretching your seats to make yourself comfortable.

According to me, the FH-FB102102 Classic Bucket Cloth Car Seat Covers will be a perfect choice for you. It goes well with any interior and will compliment it well. Great fitting, easy to set up, comfort in washing, makes these covers a perfect package of striking features. If you want a classy and stylish covers for your seats, you can surely go these. Classic bucket cloth car is affordable, and the price you will pay for it will be worth it. You will not at all be disappointed after making it as one of the car members.


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