List Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Bags In 2019

To a student, backpack plays a vital role as it allows them to carry their study materials such as notebook, textbook, pencil case and so on. Simultaneously, backpack is also important to photographers. Both amateur and professional photographers should have a backpack to carry their DSLR camera so that your camera can be prevented from accidental damage and can perform well for long. Additionally, backpack also helps photographers in carrying all the camera equipment especially the DSLR camera which is probably one of the most expensive electronic devices requiring proper protection.
Do you have DSLR camera? Haven’t you owned a DSLR camera backpack? If your answer is “Yes” to both questions, then you should take a look on Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Backpacks In 2018 below.

1. Backpack for DSLR Camera1. AmazonBasics Backpack for DSLR Cameras and Accessories

Under the brand name of Amazon, this backpack will offer you great satisfaction. It has a plethora of pockets, pouches, compartments and straps, allowing you to carry all your gears such as a compact tripod, SLR/DSLR camera bodies, several lenses and extra small accessories such as memory card, USB drives, batteries, and so on. The compartments which are lined with fabric cover foam offer your delicate equipment ultimate protection. Moreover, its shoulder, waist and chest straps are adjustable and heavily padded, providing you with great comfort.


2. Koolertron Canvas DSLR Camera Backpack

2. Koolertron Canvas DSLR SLR Camera Shoulder Bag Backpack

It looks like a casual backpack. Do you think so? Actually, it is kind of versatile backpack which can be used as a leisure bag or a camera bag. This backpack has two main compartments; the top section is for any objects, while the bottom one is for camera equipment. Moreover, this backpack comes along with a rain cover which is hidden in the bottom zippered bag. Therefore, you may not worry that your expensive devices would be soaked! In brief, such practical and versatile backpack should not be missed!


3. Padded DSLR Camera Messenger Bag

3. Camera Sling Bag by Kewl Systems

Having a first glance at it, you may think it is a small camera bag that cannot carry many things. But you are wrong. This bag has plenty of rooms for your camera and your extras. The main padded compartments is designed to accommodate DSLR camera and keep it protected, while other padded compartments are for your lenses or flash. In addition, the numerous pockets, pouches and straps allow you to store various objects such as batteries, smartphones, cables, cords, water bottles, tripod or monopod, and so on. With the swing-to-front design, this bag offers quick and easy access to your camera and your accessories. Easy. Practical. Comfortable!


4. Ape Case Pro DSLR Camera Backpack

4. Ape Case Pro Digital SLR and Video Camera Backpack

With heavy-duty construction, this large camera backpack is able to carry two digital SLR cameras, additional lenses, 16-inch notebook, two full-sized tripods and other gears. Since most backpack are not comfortable to carry, this Ape Case backpack specially features shoulder harness system, which provides premium comfort. Furthermore, this camera backpack consists of rain shield that tucks neatly away while not in use.


5. Case Logic Backpack for DSLR Camera and iPad

5. Case Logic CPL-108BK Backpack for DSLR Camera


It looks so nice, doesn’t it? It is not only nice-looking but also strong and sturdy that can hold a multitude of items. It can store a DSLR camera, 2 or 3 lenses, a flash and many other accessories. Plus, with the adjustable, padded dividers, you can customize the camera compartment, secured by an elastic strap. Moreover, it features adjustable sternum strap and waist belt, innovative strap management system and padded, mesh back panel, providing security, tidiness, comfort and breathability.


6. Evecase Black and Gray DSLR Camera Backpack

6. Evecase Black and Gray Camera Large DSLR Backpack

It is a great backpack having rooms for everything you want to carry with. It has padded main compartments with adjustable dividers for your DSLR camera and lenses up to 5, six accessory pockets for your gears and adjustable fastener straps for bulky items like large tripods. Also, with the ergonomic design, this backpack is equipped with mesh padding on back panel and adjustable shoulder straps, offering you maximum comfort and convenience.


7. Case Logic DSLR Camera and iPad Backpack (Black)

7. Case Logic CPL-109 DSLR Camera and iPad Backpack

If you are small or you want a small camera backpack, then this Case Logic backpack is your best choice! It is not bulky like some backpacks; it is a compact, spacious backpack that can hold DSLR camera with 1 or 2 additional lenses, iPad and your necessary accessories. Plus, it has a weather hood tucked away at the bottom back to protect your backpack from rain or snow. Been satisfied by most customers, this backpack is considered as one of the best camera backpacks you should not overlook.


8. DSLR Camera Backpack – Orange interior

8. AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack

Since it is sort of big backpack, it is suitable for those who have many things to carry along with. Well, it has great option storage that allows you to keep two camera bodies, 3 to 4 lenses, 17 inch laptop and all your gears. You may feel that it would be so uncomfortable to carry many things in such a large backpack. Don’t think like that! Designers did think about this! That’s why this backpack comes with adjustable, heavily padded, shoulder straps and wide, adjustable waist and chest straps, giving you superior comfort.


9. Case Logic DSLR Camera Sling

9. Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera Sling (Black)

You may be concerned about the single strap of this camera sling that it may not be secure, but this wide and nicely padded strap is very strong, sturdy and comfortable. The two handles, one at the top and one on the side, can help you in carrying in several different ways. Its main compartment fits DSLR camera with standard zoom lens and two additional lenses, while its several small pockets keep various camera or traveling accessories. It also looks stylish. Think so?


10. Professional DSLR Camera and Laptop Backpack

10. Professional DSLR Camera and Laptop Backpack

One common thing that this backpack shares with the nine camera backpacks above is that it has padded compartments for DSLR cameras, lenses and many pockets for all your gears. What’s special about this one is the travel-ready construction which features heavy-duty buckles, handles and zippers for long-lasting use. Another special feature is the versatility of it. It can be worn as a backpack or as a sling by tucking one strap away. Isn’t it cool?


After all, these are the top 10 best DSLR camera backpacks which have been top rated on Amazon and have been reviewed favorably by so many satisfied customers. You can consider one of this bags if you are looking for a good backpack for your DSLR camera!

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