List Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Steadicam in 2019 Reviews

Camera Steadicam or the camera stabilizer is one of the main elements of the shooting work. It is really necessary that you should seek for the best one if to need it. Currently, many of the products are available on the market with very different designs. However, what that matters most is its functionality to stabilize your camera during the shooting.

From our research around the product, we have found some steadicams which have very good quality and popularity.

Comparison Table: Top 10 DSLR Camera Steadicam in 2018

Sr No. Product Name Weight Dimensions Review Rating
1 AFUNTA Pro Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer 2.2 Pounds 12.1 * 9 * 2.8 inches 4.8/5.0
2 Opteka SteadyVid EX MK II Video Stabilizer 2.5 Pounds 11.3 * 8.9 * 2.5 inches 4.6/5.0
3 Kamisafe VS1047 Handheld Camera Steadicam 6.9 Pounds 5.9 * 5.9 * 22 inches 4.5/5.0
4 IVATION Pro Steady DSLR Rig System with Shoulder Mount 2.87 Pounds 3.6 * 6.9 * 12.4 inches 4.2/5.0
5 Opteka SteadyVid Pro Video Stabilizer System 3.6 Pounds 8 * 1.2 * 9.5 inches 3.9/5.0
6 Opteka X-GRIP Professional Camera 0.62 Pounds 9.75 * 3.5 * 8.25 inches 4.2/5.0
7 TARION 0.4m/15.7” Mini Hand Held SV-HD 2.65 Pounds 4.1 * 7.4 * 11.1 inches 4.0/5.0
8 SuteFoto Carbon Fiber S60 Glidecam 3.6 Pounds 17.7 * 15.8 * 19.7 inches 4.3/5.0
9 Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Camera Stabilizer 6.3 Pounds 16.7 * 9.4 * 5.1 inches 3.9/5.0
10 The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO 2.4 Pounds 13.4 * 2.2 * 8.1 inches 4.6/5.0

Below are those best steadicams we have selected and presented today with their brief reviews.

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10. The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer

10. The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer

This ROXANT PRO camera stabilizer is indeed one of the best selling stabilizers in Amazon. And, this means many customers have loved and satisfied with the item. Actually, from the picture, you would see this stabilizer has a very nice design with engineering thinking to make it comfortable to use while perfect bringing stability while shooting your videos. Many filmmakers have also suggested they love this product so well too.

9.Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Camera Stabilizer

9.Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Camera Stabilizer


The next stabilizer is the Opteka SteadyVid stabilizer. This is one of the amazing Steadicam which is produced to work best with a video camera and the DSLR with maximum weight up to 6lbs. The stabilizer was made from an aluminum material which is also coated with black powder for rust-resistance and durability. In the meantime, its height and angle are highly adjustable for easy operation.

8. SuteFoto Carbon Fiber S60 Glidecam Professional Steadicam 

Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Steadicam

This 60cm handheld stabilizer is very light in weight, and it’s created for the DSLRs weighing up to 6lbs. This amazing stabilizer allows you low and high angle shooting, low-friction joint and high precision bearing.  You know this compact system removes the need of having dolly’s or tripod, giving you the ability to create smooth videos even when the camera’s in motion.

SuteFoto professional Steadicam is particularly good for the video-capable DSLRs, DVs, and video cameras.

7.TARION 0.4m/15.7″ Mini Hand Held SV-HD Camera Stabilizer

7.TARION 0.4m:15.7 Mini Hand Held SV-HD Camera Stabilizer


Designed with 400mm as the maximum height, the TARION is a mini handheld camera stabilizer which is highly recommended. Many users have experienced with the product, and they do like the item since they could eliminate a lot shake in their shooting. As well, the stabilizer is produced from carbon fiber which makes its durability great in addition to its fantastic stabilizing function.

6.Opteka X-GRIP Professional Camera / Camcorder Action Stabilizing Handle

6.Opteka X-GRIP Professional Camera : Camcorder Action Stabilizing Handle


Instead for this Opteka X-GRIP is more of a spare part rather than a complete stabilizer. However, this is often needed to replace the old one. More importantly, this item comes with great design and quality, that is why it is also picked up for the suggestion on the list. Many buyers have also made a very positive review on the item. Even better, it sells at a great price.

5.Opteka SteadyVid PRO Video Stabilizer System for Digital Cameras, Camcorders and DSLR’s

5.Opteka SteadyVid PRO Video Stabilizer System for Digital Cameras, Camcorders and DSLR's


The Opteka SteadyVid Pro is another awesome product to consider if you are in considering the stabilizer system for your DSLR or digital camera. Its addition to the wonderful design of the product, it has been proven to achieve its stability function very well, and it could hold the camera up to 5lbs. Moreover, the handle is made with rubber coated comfortably.

4.IVATION Pro Steady DSLR Rig System with Shoulder Mount For Video Stabilization

4.IVATION Pro Steady DSLR Rig System with Shoulder Mount For Video Stabilization


Also for stabilizing the camera, this is instead the DSLR system, made with the shoulder mount. It does work in a different way to the rest of our suggested products on the list. In case the shoulder mount stabilizer is what you are looking for, this might hit your point best. Also, the product design is very handy, and you can carry it anywhere easily for your shooting.

3. Kamisafe VS1047 Handheld Camera Steadicam 

Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Steadicam

Now, this is one of the most amazing handheld camera steadycam because this is not only a handheld stabilizer, but it also acts as the monopod to achieve multiple shooting. The Kamisafe VS1047 stabilizer is made up of high-strength aluminum alloy. It is equipped with the super-wearable rubber bars so that the holding is suitable and easy. This handheld stabilizer also features monopod design and multifunctional video stabilizing to make your photography innovations come true.

The best thing about VS1047 is that it offers specially designed locking knob to prevent your camera from falling.

2.Opteka SteadyVid EX MK II Video Stabilizer for Digital Cameras

2.Opteka SteadyVid EX MK II Video Stabilizer for Digital Cameras


Working best with the camera up to 3.5 lbs, this Opteka stabilizer model has a nice design with comfortable grip handle. With the smart engineering design it was made in, the Opteka stabilizer is tested to bring accurate, great motion for you. For the moment, the certain discount has been applied, and you can get it cheaper than the usual price if you order it quick enough.

1.AFUNTA Pro Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer

1.AFUNTA Pro Handheld video Camera Stabilizer


Lastly, it is the AFUNTA Pro that is suggested. It is built best to work with the Nikon, GoPro, and Canon with maximum hold weight about 2.1lbs. As you can see in the picture, the stabilizer is done in style with smart function for the stability and accurate motion along with the soft, comfortable handle.

How to Choose the Best Stabilizer for your DSLR Camera?

Looking for a stabilizer for your DSLR camera, but couldn’t decide which one’s the best? Well, I’ll take you through various options so that you can decide what you should buy.

As the cameras get lighter and smaller and as cameras in the smartphone get improved, the requirement for steady handheld cams continues to increase. Handheld stabilizers have been designed for the purpose. You can even take a monopod, but the result won’t be as consistent or as good as ones you would get using the monopod for what it’s designed for.

Handheld steady cams don’t differ from the monopods, but to get the best outcome from them, you need to understand what they are designed for. Various kinds of stabilizers are designed to get diverse kind of shots. Different environments you choose to shoot in and the way you shoot also plays an important role in selecting the best stabilizer for you.

Setting Up the Shots

Before we move forward to different kinds of stabilizer, let’s first plan out the shots, because it’ll not only give you the better idea about the gear you’ll need but will also provide you steady moves. The two most important factors that affect getting a steadier shot are Field of view and composition.

Field of View: Also known as the angle of view has greater or equal effect on the smoothness of handheld shot.

Shot Composition: If you are framing a skateboarder or dancer from his head to his toe, leave extra room below feet and above head, because even if your farming is off for a while, you will not lose part of a subject.

Finding the Perfect Gear for you

Now that you’re aware of setting up the shots to keep them steady looking, you are ready to decide which stabilizer will work best for you.

Motorized Stabilizer

The biggest benefit of using the motorized stabilizers is that, once they are balanced and set up, you can just grab them and start your shooting. It does not take much time in getting used to these motorized stabilizers. These stabilizers will give you smooth shooting, all you have to do is shoot the frames.

Non-Motorized Stabilizer

Do you know what sets the non-motorized stabilizer apart from the motorized ones? Well, it’s not cost but control. You have more control on subtle movements with the non-motorized stabilizers. The only downside of using non-motorized stabilizer is that you will need more time to learn how they’re operated.

So before you buy a handheld stabilizer for yourself, keep these things into consideration and then decide which steadycam will work the best for you.

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