List Top 10 Best Skateboards in 2018 Reviews

Skateboard is believed to be one favorable sport for everyone, especially for teenagers. Riding skateboard can be considered as doing sport and only those who are train hard and flexible that can get to ride this well and take the ride to the next level. Anyway, riding skateboard makes us look cool as well, and it is good to give it a try. There are many kinds of skateboard which are available on sale, yet not all of them are good for you. Therefore, you should get some ideas before you purchase one, especially for those who have never tried this before. In this article is focused on the ten best skateboards and we also provide some idea of how to purchase a good one and what size that fit you? 

Skateboarding and hoverboard are  great recreational physical activity that has gained huge popularity in the past few years. Many people do not try it, thinking it to be a dangerous sport. Little do these people know that if they are careful, they can easily avert injuries while skateboarding; Skating in the appropriate areas, using the right skateboard and wearing pads for protection allows you to evade many injuries. In fact, skateboarding enhances your overall flexibility and fitness. It is also good for cardiovascular fitness.

A good and right skateboard is mandatory for safe skateboarding. Standard dimensions of a standard skateboard are a length that varies between 30 and 33 inches and breadth between 7 and 9 inches, while longboard skateboards can be up to 47 inches in length. The decks are made of Canadian maple which is seven-play hard. Trucks are mounted on the board’s underside that comprises in axles to which the wheels are attached.

The rage for skateboarding has increased tremendously among the youngsters as they love the thrill and excitement in trying out various stunts and tricks of skateboarding. The board is pushed by one foot while the other stays on the board. Though skateboarding is an exciting sport, many people also employ it to cover short distances.

 Comparison Table: Top 10 Skateboards in 2017! 

Product name Dimensions Weight


 10 SCSK8 Pro Skateboard 32*8*5 inches 6 pounds 4/5
 9 Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Long Board Skateboard 40*9*5 inches 7.3 pounds 4/5
 8 Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard NA 6 pounds 4/5
 7 The Boss Board-Complete 22 Vintage Skateboard 6*5*22 inches 3.7 pounds 4.5/5
 6 Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Long Board Skateboard NA 4.5 kgs 4/5
 5 KPC Pro Skateboard Complete 31.5*7.7*3.9 inches 5.3 pounds 4/5
 4 Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard NA NA NA
 3 POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard 5.12*9.09*32.09 inches 5.45 pounds 4.5/5
 2 Atom Pintail Long Board 39*10*4 inches 7.2 pounds 4.5/5
 1 Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard NA NA 1/5

Below links to 10 products that you can choose to buy it

10.SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

10.SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard is just a simple one, but you will be impressed to have this for your own. Even though this skateboard is very simple, it is unique to compare with another skateboard. This skateboard is highly recommended for the beginner who just wants a simple but good skateboard.

9.Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard Skateboard

9.Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard Skateboard

Yocaher Skateboards got a very nice shape with the four little cute wheels. It was built from the wood, and it is waterproof which filled with many lights color. For the stylish, you even could draw a very image to make it look cool.

8.Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

8.Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard


The size of this Krown Skateboard is big enough for the beginner who just starts to play. You will feel very surprised with the amazing skateboard. This skateboard also can be a gift for a birthday or Christmas.

7.The Boss Board – Complete 22 Vintage Skateboard

7.The Boss Board - Complete 22 Vintage Skateboard

You will love this skateboard from The Boss Board because it is very smooth ride and very fun. The price is very affordable and suitable for all age. This skateboard has many stunning colors to choose according to your preference.

6.Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

6.Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

This is a hard core skateboard which is very strong no matter how fat you are. This skateboard is very fancy that is made of bamboo. Moreover, the four little wheels are so strong whenever you move.

5.KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

5.KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

KPC skateboard is very stunning. No matter how you move or jump, this skateboard obviously won’t go the wrong direction. This skateboard has many colors that you can choose toward your interest, and it is highly recommended.

4.Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

4.Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

This product, Powell Skateboard, is a good choice for the beginner who wants to be professional. There are several reasons that beginners should choose this product because of the style, strongness, and ability to move.

3.POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

3.POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

This is a brand skateboard from POSITIV; it is very classic which is suitable for teenagers who are likely an artist. For those who use this skateboard will positively admire the ability of the hard four wheels of his skateboard.

2.Atom Pintail Longboard

2.Atom Pintail Longboard

Here is the Atom Skateboard which is very attractive filled with the catchy graffiti that you have ever seen before. This Atom Skateboard is built from aluminum which is very strong and comfortable.

1.Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

1.Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard
This Penny Skateboard is so comfy and stylish that is fit the price. By playing this Penny skateboard, you will become a pro who could control the speed and movement. It stands on the top of our list because it is an excellent, easy-to-use,  and comfortable.

What size of skateboard do I need?

Choosing a width of skate depends on how tall you are and what kind of style that you want to skate. If you want to ride on the streets, get a 7.5 to 8.0 deck, if you want to ride vert, 8.0 and up is probably best. The most favorable for technical skaters is between 7.5 and 7.75. Width is influenced by the size of the rider and the type of riding. Length of skateboard measures from tip nose to tip tail and the average board length is 28″- 32″, but the length is only referred to by advanced skaters. The average wheelbase is 13″-15″, and the choice is influenced by the skill set of the rider.

Size to choose:

  • Micro Deck width: 6.5″ – 6.75” – Deck Length: 27.2” – 27.6”  for those who are under 3’5” tall who wear a size three shoe or smaller
  • Mini Deck width: 7.0″ – Deck length: 28”   for those who are between 3’5” and 4’4” tall who wear size 4-6 shoes
  • Mid-size Deck width: 7.3” – Deck Length: 29” for those who are between 4’5” and 5’2” tall who wear size 7-8 shoes
  • Decks 7.5” or larger Deck width: 7.5″+ – Deck length: 29”+ for those taller than 5’3” with a shoe size of 9 and up

How to buy the right skateboard?

So, once you have decided to buy a skateboard for yourself, it is important to take into consideration a few things to make the right choice. The width of skateboards is one of the foremost things that need your attention at this time. In case, you are a little short in height like somewhere around 5 feet, a board that has a width of maximum 8 inches would be a good idea. For people with the height of almost 6 feet, the width of their board should be a minimum of 8 inches. The right choice of skateboard would ensure that you feel proportionate and comfortable when you try to stand over it.

Trucks that should be paired with your skateboard are the next thing that should be taken into account. Trucks are also available in varying widths. Turning radius of a skater is shortened if the trucks are wide and the landing over the surface is also quite stable in that case. This trucks are lighter in weight and thereby make it easy for skaters to do their stunts and tricks. Also, when you try to grind or slide alongside any edge with your skateboard by employing your trucks rather than your deck or wheels, you must ensure that main bolt in the truck does not create any trouble for you by sticking up with the grinding surface.

Skateboard bearings also play a crucial role in ride and performance for skateboarding tricks. It is these bearings that are responsible for keeping the wheels spinning while you have stopped to make an effort to push the board anymore. ABEC is the value according to which the speed of the bearing or rather your skateboard is determined.

Sometimes super-fast bearings are not the best choice for an absolute beginner who wants to learn tricks. This makes riding a skateboard a little dangerous and may also cause landing tricks to be more difficult for you as the skateboard may slip away from your feet now and then. Modern skateboard graphics give skateboards a professional look and increase the fun factor. The shape of a deck will also help you choose the right skateboard for you. A decent mounted curve near the kick tail can be a smart choice, especially for tricks or riding ramps and bowls.

How to choose a skateboard?

Choosing a skate board for the first time might be a bit hard for you since you have no idea of what is a good product to purchase. Anyway, it will be easy if you get to read this article. First, you need to decided what kind of skateboard do you want and how much can you pay for it? There are some choices for you including:

  • Longboards can cost from rating120- rating500
  • Classics can cost from rating80- rating400
  • Street/verts can cost from rating50- rating150

Second, try to purchase a complete board by visit nearby store at your place, and it is pretty good to get to know some stores and be a customer, so you might get to save some cash from that.

  • A complete can cost anywhere from rating50- rating200 (USD).
  • A custom made can cost anywhere from rating90- rating500 (USD).

The third one is about, the design of the skate. Mostly, those skates that come with a graphic design on the bottom are more expensive than those blank skateboard. However, to save money, I suggest you afterward you can make a design by spraying or coloring it on your own. Moreover, if you have enough money and want to get a high quality one, I suggest you go to from a company or go to a skate shop and ask the employee about the products. Also, you should pick out the wheel for the kind of skateboard that you have. For the long board uses big and soft wheels while the street boards use small and hard wheels. Another thing to do is to pick up the bearing. The high-quality bearing is rated in ABEC codes from 1-9 (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) with high graded. The best grade for your first board will probably be 5 or 7.The best thing to do when getting a new board is to go to your local skate shop and talk to the people there; they are usually very helpful.

Moreover, the top 10 best skateboard that we have provided is the best skateboards which are favorable choices and available on sale with a great price. It is worth checking these out.

Where to purchase?

To ensure complete safety, it is better not to buy cheap skateboards from superstores and toy stores. An Online skateboard shop is often the best option available nowadays. Simply browse through the online catalog and the board will be delivered to your doorstep. The longboards and skateboards purchased from superstores might be poorly made with wheels and trucks that could break easily.

Also, you can’t upgrade these boards. That is to say, in case one of their parts fails, you would need to buy a new board all together. If you cannot afford to buy an expensive skateboard, you need not resort to such cheap skateboards. Simply go to moderately priced boards at the skateboard shop online. You can also find an array of longboards and mountain boards at skateboard shops online. So, now that you know how to choose the right skateboard and where to purchase your board, what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab one today!

Among the top 10 best skateboards in 2017, our pick is SCSK8 pro skateboard because of its long lasting nature. The skateboard is of simple design yet high in demand in the market because of the simplicity. Also, it is the best when it comes to the use of a beginner.

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