List Top 10 Best Tape Gun in 2019 Reviews

Tape gun is very important in our daily lives; we use it in our house to stick household or study materials. Best tape gun are used regularly in shopping mall, offices or else in order to stick the products for customers. However, there are several best tape gun that you should choose, once you choose it wrong; you can only decide to throw it away as it doesn’t give you a good quality. Moreover, please make sure that you will keep the tape gun away from kids as they will destroy it or tape gun will harm to your kids. Therefore, here are the List Top 10 Best Tape Guns in 2018 Reviews.

1.Officemate Recycled 2-In-1 Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser, Black (96690)

1.Officemate Recycled

Officemate Recycled 2-In-1 Heavy Duty Tape gun is easy to use. You can use it by lift heavy weighted dispenser stays in place for one hand dispensing. Rubber feet at the base keeps the dispenser from moving.  It is the best tape gun as its order is so high since it has a good quality to use. So what are you waiting? Get it for your office now from Amazon, folks.


2.Scotch Box Sealing Tape Dispenser H180, 2 in

2.Scotch Box Sealing Tape Dispenser

Scotch Box Sealing Tape is the second best tape gun; it is so quick and comfortable Tape Gun to use. The hub mounted adjustable brake controls tension to help the operator dispense the tape along the box seam and prevent waste. The H180, constructed of metal and durable plastic, is tough enough to operate in high-volume shipping and other work environments.


3.Uline H-150 2-Inch Hand-Held Industrial Side Loading Tape Dispenser

3.Uline H-150 2-Inch Hand-Held

You should choose this tape gun to use in your office based on several main reasons such as:  This tape gun is actually made of metal. Everything blue in the picture is made of cold, hard steel. Moreover, there is a little metal flap to hold tension on the tape that easily flips down which makes threading new rolls a breeze. The metal cutter is sharp, really sharp. But the handle is large and easy to grip


4.Duck Brand EZ Start Packaging Tape with Dispenser

4.Duck Brand EZ Start Packaging Tape

The Duck Brand is known for delivering excellent quality tape gun at an everyday value. The brand offers quality, care and extraordinary tape gun value to consumers looking for friendly and convenient solutions to everyday problems.  Duck Brand EZ Start Packaging Tape gun is a 2.6 mil “frustration free” high performance packaging tape. EZ Start technology means your tape gun always unrolls “smooth and easy”. You’ll never lose the tape end, and there is no splitting or tearing, either. EZ Start meets postal regulations and offers a wide temperature range performance.  Ultraviolet resistance increases the shelf life and eliminates yellowing. Duck Brand Packaging Tape guns are the go-to adhesives for your packing, mailing or moving needs.


5.Tach-It MN2 Wide Economical Tape Gun

5.Tach-It MN2 Wide Economical Tape Gun

Tach-It MN2 is a versatile all steel framed carton sealer has an adjustable brake and spring loaded non-reversing tape gun. The Tach-It MN2 is lightweight, works on carton sealing tapes up to 2” wide and is the more durable dispenser in the market at this low cost price point. This tape gun is easy and safe to use even older people know how to use it. So what are you thinking about? Buy in now from Amazon.


6.Tartan Hand-Held Box Sealing Tape Dispenser HB902 Black

6.Tartan Hand-Held Box Sealing Tape

Comfortable control and easy one-hand operation for taping and box sealing. Built to dispense box sealing tapes up to 2 inches wide on a 3 inch core. Durable plastic, hand-held dispenser is comfortable to operate and easy to control. Thumb controls tension for a tight, secure seals. For carton sealing, box closing, combining, reinforcing, and bundling operate. Want the best tape gun, go for this one from Amazon.


7.Tartan Pistol Grip Box Sealing Tape Dispenser HB903 Black

7.Tartan Pistol Grip Box Sealing Tape

It is an excellent tape gun with an excellent price. However, for those who don’t have very good results with this product are probably not setting the tension knob on the tape mounting wheel tight enough! the tape gun tends to continue to spin a bit after cut because it’s too slack, resulting in getting stuck to the spring arm or other parts of the mechanism. Set it tight for best performance.


8.Duck Brand Standard Tape Gun with Foam Handle

8.Duck Brand Standard Tape Gun

Duck is very well-known for producing best tape gun. Duck Brand offers a full line of packaging tape guns. From a standard tape gun to one with a comfortable foam handle and a Blade Safe design, we’re certain the performance will be cutting edge. The Duck Brand Standard Tape Gun features an adjustable tension control knob for smooth tape application and reduced operator fatigue. It is available in an easy-to-thread 2-inch tape dispensing size. Duck Brand packaging tapes and accessories are the go-to tools for your packing, mailing or moving needs.


9.START International ZCM2000 Electronic Tape Dispenser

9.START International ZCM2000 Electronic Tape Dispenser

Electronic tape gun dispenser automatically advances and cuts tape in medium to high production industrial applications. Tape gun widths from 0.28 to 2″ (7 to 51 mm), in lengths from 0.79 to 39″ (20 to 999 mm). Tape gun can be dispensed in 3 consecutive programmable lengths or on demand. Length of cut and automatic feed can be set with LED display panel and manually overridden with push buttons. Pressure roller is adjustable for different thicknesses of tape gun.


10.Mini Tape Cutter Tape Dispenser Portable School Office

10.Mini Tape Cutter Tape Dispenser

This mini tape gun is so cute by the outlook. It has several color or you to choose and it is not heavy but stable.  However, it is not easy to slip when pulling the tape. Saw tooth shaped dispenser edge, so sharp to cut the tape easily. Sharp blade is corrosion-resistant and not easy to rust. However, it is usable for household or study materials. Buy it now if you find it cute and easy to carry.


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