Recommendations for the Best Kid’s Halloween Costumes in 2019

The Halloween season is around the corner. Celebrated all over the world by both Christians and non-Christians, it is a fun occasion for both adults and kids. To remember your fallen martyrs and or saints in style, you need a few things. Make sure your home looks the part. The best LED rope lights and deities such as ogre statues are ideal for decoration. You also need the best Halloween costume. This is where most people fail. They recycle old or dated costumes that fail to attract attention. Many reputable ones are available on the Web.

Kid’s Halloween costumes are among the most sought after in stores. This is a result of their dynamic nature. Every year, many companies come up with interesting characters for kids of all ages. The 10 brands that we have reviewed, for instance, are among the bestsellers in 2018. If you are shopping for a new costume for your child, buy one to get a stylish Halloween costume for your baby. They are also durable, cost-effective, and most importantly, kid-safe.

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Story Book Witch CostumeDid you know that witches are among the most sought-after Halloween costumes for kids? They are scary yet smart. They also come in a plethora of designs that complement most body shapes and sizes. If you are looking for one for your baby, this Story Book Witch Costume is ideal. Recommended for kids of all ages, you get a comfortable full dress with a tattered look. It is also stylish (orange, black, and green) and has a matching apron that boosts its value further. Buy one for your kid. She will look good and stay comfortable.

Does your kid like good witch characters? If you are shopping or a new Halloween costume, Story Book Witch is a good one. Its magical outlook stands out for most witch costumes that sell for a premium on the Internet. In addition to its tattered skirt and apron, you will also like the matching included. It is very comfortable. It also has a matching color scheme and a functional design that protects kids from the elements. Apart from looking good, it will keep your bundle of joy safe outdoors.

The quality of the materials used to manufacture this witch costume is ideal. Unlike the heavy and irritant models used to make comparable items, it has a lightweight design. During Halloween parties or whilst trick-or-treating, your kid will walk effortlessly in this costume. It is also non-chaffing and lacks physical or chemical irritants that can harm kids.

When shopping for the best Halloween costumes for kids, most people opt for the most expensive brands. This should not be the case. Choose function over price. Even though cheap, for instance, this Story Book Witch Costume works well outdoors. The smile that it brings to kids of all ages makes it worth buying.


  • Runs small

Fun World Fade In and Out PhantomAre you planning for an upcoming kid’s Halloween party in your locality? Are you shopping for a valuable kid’s costume that will help you stand to stand out from other attendees? This Fade In and Out Phantom costume from Fun World is one of the best for many reasons. First, the polyester fabric (100%) used to make this kid’s Halloween costume is one of the best. Its smooth and luxurious surface is non-irritant. It is also light (3.5-pound). You kid can walk in it easily.

During Halloween, most kids like to outmatch each other in terms of styles. They want well-made costumes. They also want stylish and unique ones that they can use for pranking tricks. If you kid has such an attitude, he or she will like this product. Attainable in black, it blends well in the dark. The self-fabrics on its back and waist, on the other hand, enable its users to customize its fit.

Do not question the longevity of this Fun World Fade In and Out Phantom costume. Even though lighter than some similar brands, you get a rip-proof costume that rarely disappoints. Both the apron and the mesh-face covering that it has are also fade-proof and comfortable.

Do you have a small kid and or teen who fancy Halloween? If you are looking for a costume that can benefit both groups, this is an ideal product. Its unisex design benefits both women and men. It also comes in a plethora of sizes.


  • None

Morphsuits Zalgo Urban Legend CostumeMorphsuits is one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of traditional and modern costumes. During occasions such as Halloween, its items are among the bestselling in Web store such as Amazon because of their quality. If you have a 10-12-year-old who likes Halloween, for instance, this urban legend Zalgo costume is one of the best in 2018. Its creepy outlook is suitable for Halloween. You can use it to scare passers-by sick. During parties, your child will also stand out from other kids.

Are you tired of wasting money on low-grade costumes for kids that rip or degrade in a few hours? You will like this Urban Legend one from Morphsuits. It CE tested design is both safe and durable. Your kid can use it for one or two days without issues. It also has a comfortable 4-way stretch design that fits kids of all stature and a removal Velcro hood (quick release).

The maintenance of this Urban Legend costume for kids is a piece of cake. After use, you can hand wash it in cold water to remove dirt and grime. Use gentle motions to prevent it from stretching or losing its shape. It is also safe to air dry outdoors.

During Halloween, ill-fitting costumes are worse than the low-grade models that sell dirt-cheap. They are uncomfortable. They also irritate kids and lower their experience whilst engaging in outdoor events. With this Morphsuits Zalgo Urban Legend Costume, this is not an issue. Its flexible design fits most body shapes comfortably. It also comes in many sizes on the Web.


  • Run small (not accurate)

RG Costumes Lion CostumeSome kids do not like the scary and grunge-looking Halloween costumes that are popular online. A majority of them want to look cute and cuddly indoors or outdoors. If you have such a child, this RG Costumes lion costume is ideal. Its stylish multi-colored design stands out from a distance. As such, your kid will not struggle for people to notice him or her outdoors. The polyester fabric used to make it is also ideal. It is light, durable, and lacks harsh chemicals.

This costume’s three-piece design is desirable. The jumpsuit on offer, for instance, is light and comfortable. It is also easy to wear/remove and has a sewn-in tail that improves its outlook. The headpiece and mitts that you get are also the best. Like its body, they are stylish and non-irritant.

To get a quality Halloween costume that your kid can wear more than once, consider buying this one. It is a durable product. All its components do not rip or degrade easily. It is also machine washable. Use a gentle cycle to clean dirt and grime without damaging it in any way. You can then lay it flat to dry outdoors.

Unlike some models, you do not have to adjust and or customise this costume in any way to fit your child. It comes in a myriad of sizes. All sizes are also accurate and of the best quality.


  • Sheds fabric over time

California Costumes Toys Stealth NinjaThe ninja character has fascinated kids for decades now since it first appeared in Bruce Lee Movies. It is also a good option for Halloween, considering its versatility and charming looks. California Costumes Toys Stealth Ninja meets this threshold. If you are tired of the witch and pumpkin costumes that your kid has year-round, consider this one. Made of 100% polyester, this is a durable costume. It does not shed not stretch as easily as some low-grade ones do.

The unique design of this Halloween costume appeals to both parents and kids alike. It is a good-looking product. Buy one to get a fitting black-themed jumpsuit with an attached hoodie. It also has a tie and belt that improves its character. Finally, to crown your ninja look, you get a facemask and foam stars. All components are durable. They are also safe for most kids.

California Costumes Toys Stealth Ninja is not a one-day kid’s costume, as some popular models are. Because of its durable design, your kid can wear it a few time during different events. It also has a hand-washable design that you can clean easily at home. Follow its manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results.

Your kid will enjoy running around in this ninja costume. It is also affordable. If you want your kid to get the best costume for Halloween without burning a hole in your pocket, buy one.


  • Poor customer service

Fun World Cuddly CowAs the best mini cribs are, shopping for the best Halloween costumes for kids is not a challenging task. All you have to do is check the material used to make it. Its design and its overall quality of construction should also be top notch. Fun World Cuddly Cow, for instance, is a reputable product for attending parties, photo shoots, or Halloween. It is an eye-catching item. It also comes in many comfortable sizes. Your kid will make a style statement outdoors.

In terms of longevity, this light and fun-looking costume for kids is one of the best in 2018. Made of 100% polyester, the risk of it ripping over time is slim. The material is also easy to clean and has a smooth and non-irritant design that kids like. He or she will enjoy trick-and-treating for hours without problems.

The quality of the design of this cuddly cow costume has made it a sought-after apparel globally. You and your kid will like it for many reasons. The plush polyester jumpsuit that you get comes complete with a tail, hood, and mittens. You do not have to modify it in any way to improve its look or fit. It also has a stylish and fade-proof black and white theme.

Does this Fun World Cuddly Cow costume fit most children? If you are worried about its fit, think again. This jumpsuit for kids comes in many sizes. You can find toddler versions online. Its infant and big kid versions are also ideal.


  • Length is somewhat short

Rubie's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles During Halloween, many bad spirits walk the earth. To help your kid challenge them while having a good time as well, buy this Mutant Ninja Turtles costume from Rubie. It is a good-looking product. If you have bought many random costumes that have failed to impress your child, this one will. Its deluxe Leonardo theme works well for both boys and girls. It is also fade-proof, affordable, and very easy to wear and remove.

Apart from its stunning design, many people like this costume because of its quality. With an original one, you will like the 100% polyester used to make this costume. It is durable. Rips and tears are non-issues. The material is also smooth and very comfortable. This is unlike some brands that irritate people.

In terms of style, this is one of the most advanced kid’s costumes for Halloween. The comfortable jumpsuit that you get works well outdoors. It also has a molded chest and a paper stuffed shell with a stunning 3D effect. This costume will attract your baby boy or girl many compliments. You also get a comfortable mask and protective elbow and kneepads.

While preparing for a party or a trick-and-treat session, your child will wear this jumpsuit with ease. Even though feature-rich, it is also one of the most affordable products (high quality) in this niche. You get a valuable costume for your kid without breaking the bank. Finally, this costume’s low-maintenance design is ideal. You child can wear it many times in different occasions.


  • Upgraded sold separately

California Costumes Soul Taker Child CostumeThe grim reaper, also known as the taker of souls is a popular character with a ghostly demeanor. Like action heroes and witches, it is one of the most sought-after kid’s costumes during Halloween. Even most variations available online are of good quality, California Costumes Soul Taker is one of the best in 2018. You will like it for several reasons. The lightweight polyester used to make it, for instance, is ideal. Kids of all ages can walk and have fun it for hours. The fabric is also durable and has a low-maintenance design that parents like.

Even though you do not get shoes, gloves, and a scythe with this Halloween costume, its design is desirable. Its screen-printed clock, for instance, fits most kids well. It is also stylish and does not fade as easily as some comparable products do. Buy yours to get a transparent face cover that fits most kids.

During international celebrations such as Halloween, parents spend a lot of money on decorations for their homes. The best kid’s Halloween costumes also cost a fortune. This forces most parents to buy low-quality items that disappoint their kids in the end. California Costumes Soul Taker Child Costume is different. It is an affordable product. The quality of the custom that kids and parent get, on the other hand, is laudable.

Do not waste cash on one of the irritant Halloween costumes that sell dirt-cheap online. You should also avoid the low-grade models that shed fabric or fade over time. California Costumes Soul Taker Child Costume is one of the best. Your kid will scare people easily. She/he will also trick and treat in style.


  • Lacks scythe, gloves, and shoes

Rubie Star Wars Child's Darth Vader CostumeThe characters in Sci-fi movies such as Star Wars are popular among kids. In the kid’s costumes niche, they are also among the most sought-after because of their versatility. To surprise your kid during the upcoming Halloween celebrations, buy this Darth Vader costume from Rubie. Made in the USA, you get a well-designed jumpsuit with a light and comfortable design. The polyurethane foam and other materials used to make it are also of good quality. They are durable and non-irritant.

Unlike some comparable kid’s costumes that require expensive upgrades to work well, this one comes ready to use. The Vader jumpsuit on offer, for instance, comes in many sizes. Look for the best one for your baby. You also get a plastic Vader mask and a stylish foam sword for role-playing.

This is a printed Halloween costume. However, unlike some similar ones that fade over time, its fade proof design is ideal. It does not lose its charm over time. Its fitting design, on the other hand, fits most body shapes or sizes comfortably. A new one from Amazon will make your kid’s upcoming Halloween season special.

Kids Halloween costumes undergo a lot of abuse outdoors. Kids roll on them. They also stress them to the core as the ride on swings or have fun outdoors. To get one that will serve your kid well, this is one of the best models. Both its jumpsuit and the plastic mask that you get are durable. The foam sword that your kid gets is also durable. It will serve him or her for long.


  • Odd sizing

Fun World Victorian Vampiress CostumeThis Victorian Vampiress costume from Fun World is a stylish kid’s apparel for Halloween. Like some products that we have reviewed herein, it has a clean and charming outlook. It also has a fitting design that consists of a choker (with a collar) and a comfortable gown. Whether you kid enjoys Halloween parties or likes to prank people during this occasion, buy this costume. It will flatter your girl’s figure. It is also comfortable to walk in.

Even though cheap, you will like the quality of this Halloween costume. The heavy-duty polyester used to make it is ideal. Over time, the risk of it tearing is slim. The material is also easy to clean and has a smooth and non-irritant design. Buy an original one online. It will serve your kid well for long.

This is a lightweight and sturdy costume for kids. If your child hated the heavy model you bought last year, she will like this one. Wash it by hand to clean dirt or grime without damages.

Are you shopping for a budget kid’s Halloween costume that your child will enjoy using? Fun World Victorian Vampiress Costume stands out. Even though top-grade, it is an affordable Halloween costume for kids. Seams and all other components are durable and non-irritant. Buy from Amazon to get the best.

Buying Guide for the Best Kid’s Halloween Costumes

During occasions such as Halloween, most kids want to look their best. The demand for quality costumes is, therefore, high among boys and girls during this time. Use this guide to find the best model for your boy or girl in 2018:

Design: What is the design of the Halloween costume for kids that you are planning to buy? Before reaching for your wallet, check this attribute. For the best results, look for an item that complements your child’s likes. If he or she likes Star Wars, for instance, a good quality Star Wars costume will serve him or her well. Animals, witches, and monsters are other popular characters.

Fit: Low-quality Halloween costumes disappoint people over time. Ill-fitting ones are equally as bad. They irritate kids. They also compromise their movement and overall experience outdoors. Before buying a kid’s Halloween costume, thus, check its fit. Is it the correct size? Can you customise its look to match the size and shape of your kid’s body? Versatile costumes are the best.

Comfort: Most elaborate Halloween costumes available online scratch and or irritate the skin. Avoid them at all costs. To get the best for your baby, look for a comfortable model that he or she will enjoy using for long. Its fabric should be smooth and comfortable. Seams and other parts must also be comfortable.

Maintenance: Some brands of Halloween costumes stretch or shed fabric after washing. If you are looking for one that will serve your kid well for long, avoid such products at all costs. Look for a costume that you can maintain easily. A hand-wash or machine wash-safe brand that lasts for long will serve you well.


Are you planning for the upcoming Halloween occasion? Are you on the market for the best Kid’s Halloween costume or your bundle of joy? The 10 products we have talked about are the best in 2018. Your kid will enjoy wearing one.


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