The Best DSLR Camera SD Card in 2019 Reviews

Coming along with your camera to do the shooting, you will need the SD card for the video storage. There are plenty of memory card on the market with different brands you can choose for that. However, we have searched, compiled and compared those memory cards, and it seems obvious that there are some brands and models of memory cards that are more outstanding than the rest regarding price and quality. Some of those best quality memory cards include:

Comparison Table: Top DSLR Camera SD Card in 2018

Sr No. Product Name Weight Dimensions Review Rating
1 Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC 3.2 ounces 5.1 * 0.2 * 5 inches 4.6/5.0
2 PNY Elite Performance 32 GB High-Speed 0.2 ounces 0.08 * 1.25 * 0.94 inches 4.4/5.0
3 Sony 32GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 R40 0.5 ounces 4.19 * 0.21 * 5.11 inches 4.6/5.0
4 SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS 0.2 ounces 0.59 * 0.04 * 0.43 inches 4.2/5.0
5 SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 SDHC 0.3 ounces 0.85 * 1.26 * 0.93 inches 4.7/5.0
6 Transcend 32 GB High-Speed Class 10 0.3 ounces 1.26 * 0.08 * 0.95 inches 4.3/5.0
7 SanDisk Extreme PRO 32GB UHS-I/U3 SDHC 0.8 ounces 0.1 * 0.2 * 0.8 inches 4.5/5.0
8 SanDisk Extreme 64GB UHS-I/U3 SDXC 0.2 ounces 0.93 * 1.26 * 0.85 inches 4.3/5.0
9 PNY Elite Performance 64GB High-Speed SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 0.6 ounces 5.28 * 0.25 * 3.91 inches 4.0/5.0
10 SanDisk Extreme 32GB UHS-I/U3 SDHC 4.8 ounces 0.93 * 1.26 * 0.85 inches 4.7/5.0

10. SanDisk Extreme 32GB UHS-I/U3 SDHC Memory Card

10. SanDisk Extreme 32GB

One of the lovely options is the SanDisk Extreme which comes in 32GB storage space. Amazingly, this particular memory card for DSLR camera has got a rate of 5-star review from its previous buyers. This is terrific, and it means the majority of the users have satisfied with the product badly. On the other hands, some of its very interesting features include the read speed up to 60MB per second, and it works so well with the high definition videos.


9. PNY Elite Performance 64GB High-Speed SDXC Class 10 UHS-I, U1 Up to 90MB/sec Flash Card

9.PNY Elite Performance 64GB High Speed

Next memory card which is also great for DSLR camera is the PNY Elite Performance. This memory card comes in a bigger space of 64GB. This particular memory card for DSLR camera was made with high performance either in speed or longevity. More importantly, the memory card is perfectly compatible with SDXC and SDHC devices.


8. SanDisk Extreme 64GB UHS-I/U3 SDXC Memory Card

8.SanDisk Extreme 64GB

Again, this is a great SanDisk memory card, and if you need a 64GB instead, you can go for this one. With the write speed of up to 40MB per second and a read speed of up to 60MB per second, this memory card is among the best performance memory cards on the market could do. Likewise, its quality is highly reliable with great durability.


7. SanDisk Extreme PRO 32GB UHS-I/U3 SDHC Flash Memory Card

7.SanDisk Extreme PRO 32GB

At a very reasonable price, you can also consider this SanDisk Extreme. Appearing in a great design, its capacity and performance are also superior. Because this memory card is produced in strong capacity, it could work with HD videos and photo very well with the high transferring rate. Also very special, this SanDisk Extreme Pro is waterproof and shockproof.


6. Transcend 32 GB High-Speed Class 10 UHS Flash Memory

6.Transcend 32 GB High Speed

Best compatible with SDHC and SDXC devices, the Transcend 32 GH has all the quality to be used as the DSLR camera storage space. Talking about the speed performance, this Transcend is indeed among the best. It could read up to 90M per second for its speed. So far, this memory card has been rated quite high as the product to recommend by the users.


5. SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 SDHC Memory Card

The Best DSLR Camera SD Card in 2019 Reviews 1

Standing at the number 5 as the best memory card for DSLR camera, the SanDisk Ultra has a super performance for speed and durability. To date, its overall quality has been recognized by the users, and many of them keep coming back for this when they need a new one. For this specific SanDisk Ultra model, it has a 32GB storage space. More importantly, this is one of the newest versions of the brand, and it is produced with the latest technology.


4. SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS-I/Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card

4.SanDisk Ultra 32GB

Yes, SanDisk Ultra is a very good one, and this is another similar model within the same SanDisk Ultra version. Because it sells a lot and many users do like it, this SanDisk memory card has been selected as the best selling products. More importantly, its price is so affordable while its quality is doubtlessly reliable. Its read speed is up to 48M per second, and the card also has a 10-year warranty attached.


3. Sony 32GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 R40 Memory Card

3.Sony 32GB SDHC

Coming next to review is the Sony memory card with the storage space of up to 32GB. As you know, Sony is a great brand for electronic products including the memory card. At an affordable price, this Sony Memory card can do a great job for your video storage from your shooting. Its reading speed can be found at 40M per second.


2. PNY Elite Performance 32 GB High-Speed SDHC Class Flash Card

The Best DSLR Camera SD Card

Ideal for HD camcorders and high-performance digital SLR cameras, the PNY elite flash card transfers at the speed of up to 95MB/sec. 4-proof technology powers this memory card. The PNY elite flash card is designed in such a way that it can withstand even the toughest situations. They’re backed by the warranty of a lifetime. The U1 allows you smooth and fast continuous shooting, full HD video recording and multiple frames every second.


1. Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory, Card

1.Transcend 32 GB

The last suggested memory card that has been proven to work quite well with the DSLR camera is the Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC. As to ensure the quality, the company has issued the lifetime warranty for this memory card. So, you should be able to trust this memory card to the max for its durability. Additionally, its performance is as well recognizable.

Types of Memory Card

The memory card is an important thing for every digital photographer. Do your DSLR have an inbuilt storage? If not, then you have to have a memory card to store your photographs or videos. Finding yourself in the middle of memory cards and can’t decide which one to chose? Don’t worry I’ll help you out. Here I’m going to mention few different types of memory cards, so you get a better idea and make a proper decision:

1. Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card

This memory is the most common kind of a memory card. These memory cards do well with the majority of DSLRs.

2. Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Card

These memory cards are nothing but SD cards with higher storing capacity. Original SD memory cards can store only up to 2 GB, so these SDHC cards were invented which stores up to 32 GB. Both these cards are similar in size and shape, but they’re different type of media. Your DSLR may fit this card, but it might not be able to recognize it if your camera was made before SDHC came in.

3. Secure Digital ‘Xtra Capacity’ (SDXC) Memory Card

The SDXC card is also an SD card but with faster processing speed and much larger capacity. These cards have a capacity of about 2TB. This is a new technology, so your DSLR might not recognize it, so before you buy this one, check first. Computers should also be able to read an exFAT filesystem so that they get compatible with the SDXC.

4. (CF) Compact Flash Memory Card

These types of memory cards offer very high processing speed and higher storing capacities. SanDisk first introduced this memory card in the year 1994, and they were used widely. But now they’re seen in only most advanced digital cameras.


UHS-II standard SDXC/SDHC cards recently were released by SanDisk. They offer writing speed up to 250MB/sec and faster transfer rates. These extreme pro cards from SanDisk meet sheer amount data streamed through camera’s buffer. Its price varies depending on storing capacity.

Decide what kind of a memory card you need as per your digital camera. Decide how much external storage you need. And now that you know the types of memory card, it will be easier for you to choose. Do let me know if this information helped or not.

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