The Best Jewelry Boxes in 2019 for Storing your Valuables

Do you have quality bracelets that you wear to school and or work? Do you have a hard time protecting them from dents, scratches, or environmental elements such as UV? To keep your jewelry clean and well protected, you need a few basic items. Jewelry cleaners, for instance, remove dust and grime from most jewelry. You also need a lint-free cloth for dry-cleaning and the best jewelry boxes for storage. Many good brands are available online.

What are the benefits of using jewelry boxes over other forms of storage? If you are planning to buy one, go ahead. It will benefit you in many ways. First, they protect jewelry well. Their smooth and lined interiors do not scratch or lower the value of jewelry over time. Most reputable brands also have spacious designs with many compartments for categorizing jewelry. To get a valuable product that meets this threshold, the 10 best to buy are:

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Lenox Childhood MemoriesBallerina jewelry boxes have undergone a makeover over the years. Most brands available online are durable. They also have stylish and functional designs that appeal to both kids and adults. If you are looking for one for your kid, Lenox Childhood Memories is the best. It comes in a plethora of interesting colors. You can also custom print your name or that of your baby on its sides without compromising its value. Do not bore your kid with one of the cliché toys that have been in production for years. This product is unique. It also has a functional design that she will enjoy using for years.

In terms of style, this Lenox Childhood Memories is one of the best jewelry boxes in the market. Buy yours to get a durable jewelry box with a uniquely patterned surface. It is also fade-proof and has a well-placed ballerina that boosts its value further. Whenever you open this jewelry box, it dances to a “Für Elise” tune that comes preloaded. Your baby will enjoy using this box.

Flimsy and or poorly designed jewelry boxes often crumble under stress. This is not the case with Lenox Childhood Memories. Most of its parts are of the best quality. The metal used to make its case, for instance, lasts long. Unlike cardboard, it also has a unique structure and feel that people like.

Measuring 4-1/4x7x5-inches, Lenox Childhood Memories is a compact box that you can travel with effortlessly. You can also use it on a dresser or any other flat surface without cluttering space. Finally, its pink compartments are one of a kind. Their smooth linings do not scratch or damage expensive jewelry in storage. They also fit most jewelry. This eases their transport.


  • Very small

Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry BoxAre you shopping for a gift for your baby girl? Does she collect items such as coins or jewelry? Instead of buying a piece of clothing, choose this Enchantmints Ballerina box instead. It has a large bottom drawer that fits most play toys. Whether your kid likes dolls or the best robot dogs, she will enjoy using the box. You can also use it to store crayons and precious items such as coins without compromising their structure. Its value is impressive.

Measuring 6x4x6-inches, Enchantmints Ballerina is a compact jewelry box that blends well in homes. It does not clutter counter space as some bulky brands often do. It also has a stylish pink case with a twirling ballerina that boosts its value. Apart from storing your jewelry and or tiny treasures, you can use it as a centerpiece in a bedroom with good results. Buy yours now.

Do you like dramatic jewelry cases? Are you looking for a top-rated model on a budget? Enchantmints Ballerina Musical is a suitable option. Apart from its durability, it is one of the most popular jewelry boxes on the Internet because of its affordability. You do not have to break the bank to own one. Most people also like its elaborate design and its soothing “swan lake” tune.

This is a functional storage box for most people. Its drawers are spacious. You can store most valuables in them without damaging them over time. It also has a lid with a tight-sealing clasp for securing your personals. As you travel with one, the risk of losing your jewelry or valuable collections is slim.


  • Low-quality hinges (break easily)

Glenor Co Classic Jewelry BoxBeware of the low-grade jewelry boxes some companies sell dirt-cheap online. They do not last as long. Most also lower the value of jewelry over time. To protect your jewelry well without spending a lot of money, buy this Glenor Co Classic jewelry box. With an original, you get a 50-section box with a stylish black-theme. Its compartments are large and functional. You can store most jewelry in them without scratching or lowering their value. These include earrings, rings, bangles, and necklaces to name a few.

The artisanship of this jewelry box is desirable. If you have a worn out case that clutters your room, replace it with this one. Its case is both stylish and durable. All compartments (50) are spacious and have well-padded designs that protect most jewelry. You will appreciate the quality of an original one.

This jewelry box has a good-looking design. Its black themed case does not fade over time. It also has a tight-sealing top with a large inbuilt mirror for grooming. Finally, if the safety of your jewelry is an issue, this is one of the best jewelry boxes to use. It supports a lot of weight without breaking. It also has a sturdy magnetic strap that secures your personals in transit.

In web stores such as Amazon, you can buy this jewelry box risk-free for yourself or a family member. The satisfaction guarantee that the company offers for it covers all defects. If you get a product that does not close well, for instance, you can request for a replacement or a refund of your money.


  • Small compartments

Kendal Black Leather Jewelry BoxWhat are the features of the best jewelry boxes in 2018? Several brands of jewelry boxes have their unique pros and cons. To get value for money, however, your product of choice should be durable. It should also have a spacious design that can fit all of your jewelry. Kendal is such a product. If you have shopped online with poor results, buy your today. You will like its aesthetic black theme. It is also spacious (10.5×7.38×8.38-inches) and has a lidded design that secures most personals (jewelry and collectibles).

To store jewelry well, you should separate delicate ones such as chains and earrings from bangles or watches. Buying different storage cases for different products is ideal. However, to store them safely while saving space at the same time, this Kendal box works the best. It has five slide-out drawers for rings or bangles. It also has 3 storage pouches (large) and 10 necklace hooks that you can use as you desire. This box never disappoints.

In terms of style, Kendal jewelry box does not disappoint. The synthahide material used to clad its body is durable. Unlike fabrics and the synthetic materials used to clad other boxes, it does not rip or fade easily. It is also stylish (black themed) and has large compartments with smooth silsuede linings that protect items. This of your rings and bangles scratching is slim.

Do you apply foundation or makeup on a day-to-day basis? Do you have a small mirror that fails to satisfy your needs? This Jewelry box from Kendal will serve you well. In addition to the vast storage space that it has, it also has an onboard mirror for grooming. The mirror is large. Its placement on the top of this jewelry box is also ideal. You can access and use it easily.


  • Strong oil smell

KLOUD City Purple Jewelry Box/OrganizerDamages such as scratches and dents are common on poorly stored jewelry. They not only degrade jewelry but also damage them over time. Reports of loss of jewelry are also high in both homes and hotels. If you have had such problems at some point, buying a good jewelry box/organizer is one of the best solutions. Most modern models are stylish. They also have spacious designs that accommodate and secure most types of jewelry. To get a product that meets this threshold, KLOUD City is the brand for you.

When shopping for jewelry boxes, most people choose small models that fail to secure their jewelry. Others buy low-grade ones that crumble under pressure. Do not make the same mistake. Effective jewelry boxes such as KLOUD City are readily available on a budget online. It has a stylish purple theme. A new one will blend well on your side table or dresser. You also get a spacious box (10.2×10.2×3.2-inch) that you can lock easily for safety.

Do you have a hard time storing the bracelets in your possession? Does your in-house storage case scratch, dent, or damage your jewelry often? Replace it with this KLOUD City jewelry box. Reputable worldwide, you get a durable jewelry box made of a medium-density fingerboard. It is light and has a lined interior that protects jewelry.

Are you looking for a spacious jewelry organizer that you can use on a daily basis? Whether you have bracelets or necklaces that you use often, its well-engineered design offers sufficient storage space. It also has several adjustable compartments that satisfy the needs of most people in homes.

To secure your jewelry well, you do not have to spend money on a costly combination safe. Quality jewelry boxes such as KLOUD City work just as well. It is an affordable product. Even with your tight budget, you can easily afford an original one from Amazon. The satisfaction guarantee (100%) that it has boosts its value further. If your jewelry box breaks or fails to meet your expectations, you can apply for either a refund or a new product.


  • Hard to pull out trays

SONGMICS Girls Jewelry Box (Lockable)Are you tired of your kids or sisters using your precious jewelry without your permission? Instead of hiding them under your bed, buy a jewelry box. Most models are durable. They also have versatile designs that meet the needs of most people. SONGMICS is such a product. Buy one to get a reputable girl’s jewelry box with a lockable case. It also has an aesthetic design (white-themed) that does not stain nor fade over time. You will enjoy using this box. It secures personal items well without cluttering space.

Jewelry boxes are valuable items. Even though simple, good models such as SONGMICS improve the quality of life of most people. Made of white faux leather, it is a stylish jewelry box. It will not create an eyesore in your home, as some models do. It is also durable and has a non-slip surface that lowers the risk of accidents. Finally, all compartments have a smooth blue velvet lining that protects jewelry from dents and scratches during storage.

The versatile design of this SONGMICS Girls Jewelry Box appeals to most people. If you have many rings or earrings that you want to store safely, for instance, its nine lined compartments work well. They are also secure and have shallow designs that you can access easily when retrieving jewelry.

SONGMICS is a lockable jewelry box. If you are looking for a secure one that you can use at home and on the road, this is a suitable model. It is also affordable and has a light design (2.34-pounds) that you can transport easily.


  • Not very spacious
  • Fussy locking mechanism

SONGMICS UJBC121B Jewelry Box/OrganizerJewelry boxes and organizers are among the must-have items for people with many pieces of jewelry. They are secure. They also protect jewelry in homes and outdoors. To get value for your cash, SONGMICS UJBC121B is one of the best jewelry boxes to buy in 2018. Its leather-clad (faux) is both stylish and durable. It is also easy to maintain using a clean and damp cloth. SONGMICS UJBC121B is safe. Each compartment has a smooth velvet lining (beige) that does not dent or scratch delicate items such as bracelets.

The plastic containers some people used to store their jewelry are cheap. Unfortunately, they are ugly. They also have low-grade designs that lower the value of jewelry over time. With SONGMICS UJBC121B, these are non-issues. Buy one to get a versatile storage box/organizer for most jewelry. The eight necklace hooks it comes with are ideal. You also get functional drawers, a ring case, and two side compartments for storing large jewelry.

Do you travel often? Do you have a few favorite jewelry that you carry along during such trips? You will enjoy using a new SONGMICS UJBC121B jewelry box. It has a light and portable design. You also get a free mini box for traveling. Even though small, it has a durable and functional design.

For Amazon, SONGMICS UJBC121B comes ready to use. Out of the box, its leather-clad surface looks clean and well finished. It also has large and lined compartments, an ergonomic handle, and a lockable top with a mirror.


  • A few uneven drawers

Kendal Shining Brown Leather Jewelry BoxMost women treasure their collection of jewelry for many reasons. The precious metals such as gold and silver used to make them are valuable. They also improve the look of people at work or school. If you have a set that you are proud of too, investing in a jewelry box is a good idea. This brown themed one from Kendal, for instance, is an aesthetic jewelry box. Made of leather it also has a warm and luxurious design that lasts for long.

Sought-after globally, Kendal Shining is a multi-functional jewelry box. You can use it in many ways. If you are shopping for storage for your jewelry, it is one of the best products to use. Its spacious design (10.25×7.5×8.75 inches) fits and secures most jewelry. It also has lined compartments that protect jewelry from scratches and dents. Your personals will last for long.

Popular all over the world because of its unique style, most people also like the functionality of this jewelry box. The 10 necklace hooks that it has are ideal. It also has 20 small compartments, 5 slide-out drawers, and 3 storage pockets (large) for watches, bangles, and rings. This product works well.

If you enjoy traveling, Kendal Shining Brown Box is one of the most suitable storage options for your jewelry. Even though spacious, its lightweight design is easy to transport. Second, its lockable design is convenient. If you have lost a few expensive jewelry because of poor storage, buy this box. Finally, its mirrored top comes in handy whilst grooming in the morning.


  • Somewhat bulky design

Sodynee Two-Layer Jewelry BoxWomen spend thousands of dollars on jewelry yearly. However, because of poor storage, most of them degrade. This costs them hundreds of dollars in losses in a few weeks or months. This should not be the case. Quality jewelry boxes such as Sodynee are readily available on the Web. Buy one to get an affordable jewelry box with a plethora of desirable attributes. Its unique purple theme is appealing. You also get a durable and portable jewelry box that works excellently in homes and outdoors. Order yours.

Do you have premium jewelry that you use often? If you are looking for a light and portable jewelry box that you can use every day, buy Sodynee. Measuring 10.2×10.2×3.2-inches, it is a compact and portable item. Forget about the bulky or cluttered jewelry boxes attainable online. The medium density fiberboard used to make it is durable. It protects delicate jewelry well.

Most women use old containers to store their jewelry. Others store the best watches for men or bangles in drawers or on tabletops that damage them over time. If you are among them, Sodynee Two-Layer Jewelry Box will serve you well. As noted earlier, it is a durable item. It is also protective and has a spacious design that accommodates and secures most jewelry.

Never buy a jewelry box that you will have a hard time using on a day-to-day basis. Its compartments are functional. You can use them to separate rings from earrings. You can also adjust them to make space for large items such as watches and or necklaces. Finally, this is a lockable jewelry box. With a new one, the risk of losing your precious jewelry drops significantly.


  • Flimsy dividers
  • Low-grade lock

Kendal LJC-SHD5BK Jewelry BoxJewelry boxes protect delicate items such as bangles, rings, and necklaces. However, the quality of the product that you buy matters. The low-grade boxes that sell cheap online do more harm than good. They break down easily. They also compromise the structure and value of jewelry over time. Avoid them at all costs. To get a valuable model that you will enjoy using for years, Kendal LJC-SHD5BK is an ideal option. Made of quality leather, it is durable. It also has a stylish and well-finished case that blends well in homes.

Kendal LJC-SHD5BK will protect your delicate collection of rings and bracelets from dents and scratches. Its leather-clad case is sturdy. You can fit many items in it without compromising its structure. The lined compartments that it has are also ideal. They are spacious and most importantly, protective.

Categorizing jewelry during storage is beneficial in many ways. Whenever you are preparing for work, you can find your favorite pieces easily. It also lowers the risk of damaging them. Kendal LJC-SHD5BK offers these benefits. Its compartments are spacious and functional. They fit both small and large items.

Kendal LJC-SHD5BK has a lockable design that protects jewelry well. If you have a few expensive ones that you want to secure, this is one of the best jewelry boxes to use. It has a durable case with a lockable lid. You also get a free mirror (built-in) that comes in handy whilst grooming in the morning.


  • Mirror breaks easily

What to Look for in the Best Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are ideal for storing and or transporting jewelry. If you are looking for the best in 2018, here are a few attributes that you should check:

Capacity: Whilst shopping for the best wallets for storing cash and cards, people want spacious and functional products. Apply the same standard to jewelry boxes. Check the size of the product that you are buying before reaching for your wallet or purse. Will it fit the jewelry that you have at home? Buying a small box that will not meet your needs is a poor decision. If possible, buy a jewelry box with multiple compartments. They enable people to categorize their jewelry based on size or type, which is ideal.

Design: Always check the design of the jewelry box that you want to buy before spending your money. What is its weight? If you travel often with jewelry, buying a bulky or heavy box is a bad decision. A light a model will serve you better in such as case. You should also check its durability. What are people saying about its longevity? A model that degrades fast will let you down over time. Finally, check its style. Will it blend well in your bedroom or living area? Everybody likes good things. Do not waste your money on a cheaply made product that will lower the value of your home.

Protection: Apart from storage, one of the major reasons why people buy jewelry boxes is to protect their jewelry from damage. Once you have identified a jewelry box of the correct size, make sure that it excels at this job too. It should have a smooth and well-finished interior. A plush lining such as nylon or cotton will protect your jewelry well. If possible, buy a box with padded compartments. They absorb shock and stress when dropped.

Price: Jewelry are expensive items. When shopping for a new jewelry box, do not choose the cheapest products in the market. Most of the time, they fail to satisfy the needs of people. You must also avoid the overly expensive brands. Most of them fail to meet the high expectations of people. For the best results, look for a product that you can afford. If it is durable, spacious, and able to protect your jewelry from physical damage, it is worth buying.


Bangles, necklaces, and rings are expensive. To store yours safely, you need a quality jewelry box. Instead of the plastic containers that some people use, one of our 10 reviewed models will serve you well. They are durable. They also have stylish and have versatile designs that secure most jewelry.


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