Top 10 Affordable Boxing Gloves In 2019

Everyone loves boxing and some even chose this sport as a hobby. Most gyms have their own boxing arenas with trainers and small internal competitions running but before anything, gear is an important part even when practicing this sport as a hobby. Boxing gloves serve an important role in protecting the wrists and absorbing some of the impact. Here are the top 10 affordable boxing gloves in 2018.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Top 10 Affordable Boxing Gloves In 2019 1

Everlast’s Pro Style training gloves are great for beginners. Their design and build quality place them in the premium range while the price still makes them affordable. The model comes with padding on the front and back and forces the hand to have a proper position. The model comes with extra wide wrist straps that offer excellent protection from injuries and powerful impacts. Everlast offers the model in 3 different colors and multiple sizes.


Pro Impact Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves

Top 10 Affordable Boxing Gloves In 2019 2

The Pro Impact boxing gloves are probably the most affordable model made of genuine leather. It comes only in a black version with excellent quality leather and great padding on the front and back. Pro Impact used their triple-layers foam core to provide maximum shock absorption while the leather will provide optimal durability. The wrists are supported by solid wraps that are also made of leather.


ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves

Top 10 Affordable Boxing Gloves In 2019 3

The ones that are just starting out and do not wish to spend a lot of money on gloves might find the ProForce boxing gloves quite appealing. They are very affordable and quite well built. Lit most other gloves they come with a pre-curved fit, solid wrist wraps and great padding on the front and back side. The model only comes in black with a red interior and it is made of synthetic leather.


RDX Rex Leather Boxing Gloves

Top 10 Affordable Boxing Gloves In 2019 4

RDX offers a great pair of gloves for a decent price. The Rex leather gloves come in two different colors and feature a triple layer polymax padding and a moisture wicking mesh. They are made of synthetic leather and come with a solid wrist wrap. The model is excellent for beginners as it provides great protection and durability.



Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Top 10 Affordable Boxing Gloves In 2019 5

The Venum Elite are considered affordable professional boxing gloves. Using a premium synthetic leather construction and multi-layer padding the gloves manage to offer excellent durability and protection. It is also one of the few models that come with reinforced palms to help absorb high impact shocks.


TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather

Top 10 Affordable Boxing Gloves In 2019 6

TITLE is one of the better known brands mostly for their professional grade gloves. The Boxing Pro model is one of their mode affordable ones that has been well appreciated by amaterus and professionals alike. TITLE made the gloves using high quality synthetic leather, multi-layer padding and a solid wrist wrap. The ones that do not want them in black can chose one of the four different colors available.


Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Top 10 Affordable Boxing Gloves In 2019 7

The Venum Challanger 2.0 boxing gloves were built to be light and reliable. Venum used high quality synthetic leather and triple density foam to enhance shock absorption and improve comfort. The Velcro wrist wrap is elastic and can fit any type of hand. To make them appealing to everyone Venum offers the model for a very a affordable price and they come in six different colors.


The difference between the gloves listed above is mostly marginal with some exceptions. There are a couple of genuine leather models but those tend to be much heavier. Lightweight models are the ones that are made of synthetic leather. In the end it all resumes to personal preference but all the models listed are actually worth the purchase.

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