Top 10 Best Bathroom Hooks in 2019 Reviews

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Bathroom hooks…who doesn’t love a good bathroom hook? The best bathroom hooks can upgrade any bathroom since they come in various sizes, finishes and colors. There are so many different varieties that it can sometimes be difficult to choose the correct one to complement your bathroom décor. Not only can bathroom hooks spice up your bathroom, but they also provide convenience. One example of how convenient bathroom hooks are is when you get out of the shower, you need a towel? Bam! Your bathroom hook has got you covered because there is your towel awaiting you nicely. Bathroom hooks are also handy in holding your robe or really any type of clothing you may want to change into. There are also bathroom hooks available that can hold body soaps, body scrub brushes, or any other personal items you need while you are in the bathroom. If you don’t have any bathroom hooks, then you need one now. If you do have bathroom hooks, great job, but you can always use more. You will see how much better your time in the bathroom can be with bathroom hooks. Below you will find reviews for the ten best bathroom hooks available for purchase right now.

10. BINO ‘Lexington’ Over-the-Door Basket with Hooks


BINO 'Lexington' Over-the-Door Basket with Hooks

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This bathroom hook hangs securely over any door that measures up to 1.75 inches thick. Attached to this hook is a basket as well as 5 hooks underneath the basket. This hook comes in a powder coated nickel and is made out of durable steel. This over the door hook also measures 17” x 4” x 16”.

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9. Amerock Beveled Hook Rack


Amerock Beveled Hook Rack

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This Amerock hook rack has multipurpose uses and can be used throughout the home. However, it will make a beautiful addition to any bathroom with its stylish features. This rack has 4 hooks attached to it. It is available in eight color varieties including mahogany with silver hooks and honey pine with caramel bronze. Included in the purchase of this hook rack is also a hardware pack.

8. Gatco Channel Single Robe Hook


Gatco Channel Single Robe Hook

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This single robe hook is very contemporary, it is a part of the Channel collection. This hook is available in a chrome or satin nickel finish. This hook is minimal in size measuring 2 ¼ inch in height. Setting up this hook where you want it should be a breeze, it comes with concealed screws.

7. National Hardware 3″ Basic Double Robe Hooks


National Hardware 3" Basic Double Robe Hooks

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The National Hardware hook is very low priced compared to other hooks its size. If you are looking for an upscale design then this hook might be what you are looking for. This is also a good deal because it is actually a double hook with a ball tip. It is made of zinc die-cast and comes in multiple colors such as satin nickle, antique bronze and black. If you have heavy items that you need to hang, this hook has the strength to hold it, since it was made extra heavy.

6. Command Bathroom Hook with Water-Resistant Strips


Command Bathroom Hook with Water-Resistant Strips

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For a simple hook that gets the job done, the Command bathroom hook is a good choice. This hook is simple to attach to the wall, it has 2 strips that hold very well. Don’t worry about it falling off the wall because of humidity from the shower. This hook was made to hold in hot, wet and humid atmospheres. If you need to move the hook around, it is no problem because it is easy to remove and will not damage the surface underneath it.

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5. Hansgrohe Accessories Robe Hook


Hansgrohe Accessories Robe Hook

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This hook is a little pricier than other hooks its size, however it has a great value. Your robe will look great hanging from this hook. This Hansgrobe hook is a very modern hook made with a chrome finish. It has a 1 5/8 inch depth and is constructed with solid brass.

4. Moen Sage Inspirations Robe Hook


Moen Sage Inspirations Robe Hook

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The Moen robe hook is very beautiful. It is made from zinc and comes in a brushed nickel finish. This finish gives the hook a grey metallic look. A great feature that sets this apart from its competition is that it is spot resistant, therefore you will not see any fingerprints or water spots on this hook.

3. KOHLER Devonshire Robe Hook


KOHLER Devonshire Robe Hook

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This hook is made to go with the Devonshire design from Kohler, however it will match a variety of bathroom designs. It comes in a variety of finishes such as polished chrome and vibrant brushed bronze. This hook will not disappoint and a bonus is that the tools needed to set this up in your bathroom are included.

2. Ouku Wall Mount Robe Hook


Ouku Wall Mount Robe Hook

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The Ouku hook has a contemporary and unique design. It has a chrome finish and is made from brass, therefore it will be able to hold up very nicely for a long time.

1. Amerock Beveled Hook Rack


Amerock Beveled Hook Rack

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This Amerock beveled hook can be used anywhere in the home, however installing this hook in your bathroom is a great idea. It is on the higher end in terms of price compared to other hooks, however this hook gives you more options. There are three hooks attached to this rack, which means a greater convenience to you in your bathroom. It also comes in a number of colors, such as honey pine/gilded bronze and mahogany/antique silver.

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