Top 10 Best Bike Mounts for iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus In 2019 Reviews

When you go riding your bike, your phone is also very important. You don’t have to be locked out of the world around you when you need to receive a call or even read a text message. But the worst part of it is that, when you try to do that when you are not assisted by anything as you ride, then your life is at the danger zone. You need a mount holder that will take care of your worries and give you a chance of doing all that you can at the comfort of your ride. That is what made us think about your safety and comfort as you ride.

10. Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount 

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This is a holder that has been designed to fit any device that is up to 8.5 cm wide. The goodness of it is that it fits all handlebars that range from 0.6” to 1.2” in diameter. It has been designed with a strong adjustable clamp that is made up of silicone that will strap your device firmly so that it does not fall out of the bike. It is fully adjustable and you can even have a 360 degree viewing angle.

9. Universal Bike Phone Holder

Universal Bike Phone Holder 

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It has been designed with a durable strap band that is able to hold down your phone in place so that you have all protection when you are going over pumps. It has an interior silicone that is soft and will help in protecting against all the scratches that might get your phone. The handle grip will also give you a strong grip to the bike.

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8. QUICK-Install Bike Phone Mount, Sahara Sailor

QUICK-Install Bike Phone Mount, Sahara Sailor 

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It is always risky for you to have an expensive phone falling off the bike. But the good news is that we have a product that will help you out to make sure that when you ride, your phone is safe all the time. This is a mount that has been made well to suit most road and mountain bikes that has been out there. It is a product that will give you clear access and view of your bike as you ride.

7. MorinCo Universal Bike Mount Holder

MorinCo Universal Bike Mount Holder 

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It is time that you need t keep your phone safe all the time, whether you are using one band to ride of the streets or two when you are climbing up the mountains. If you need style and security, you get it with us because we have colored them red and black for easy identification. We have also fitted it with twist-able screws that will give you a chance of removing them easily and place the phone where you desire.

6. ChargerCity MegaGrip Bike Mount

ChargerCity MegaGrip Bike Mount 

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This is a versatile handle bar mount that has been manufactured with a universal grip cradle. The mount also is able to fit phones that are up to 33mm in diameter and will also provide you with the best adjustability that will allow for portrait or landscape viewing. If you are worried with security, then we have added a protective skin or hard case.

5. iFora Universal Bicycle Roll Ball Mount

iFora Universal Bicycle Roll Ball Mount 

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Unlike other systems that have been designed out there, we are bringing you a different product that has been made with two extra silicone bands that will offer you with the support that you completely need so that you are able to protect your phone from being scratched. You can install it easily and you don’t need to call for an expert.

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4. Motorcycle Phone Mount, Aikema

Motorcycle Phone Mount, Aikema 

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this is a fully adjustable product that has a 360 degree rotation scope that will enable you have a perfect viewing of your device at all the has been fitted with a position fixing that has a locking nut to maintain your product in place in all the terrains that you will go through. The clump has also been fitted with soft rubber clumps to get it have a better stay all the time.

3. Rokform iPhone SE/5/5s Pro Series Bike Mount

Rokform iPhone SE/5/5s Pro Series Bike Mount 

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Why should stop down while you are cycling so that you can get time to change a song from your favorite playlist? That will mean that you will need to make several stops before you reach your destination and that will be perfect lateness. We have a device that will offer you ultimate security and protection all the time as you go riding.

2. RetiCAM Smartphone Tripod Mount

RetiCAM Smartphone Tripod Mount 

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We have machined this product from solid aluminum alloy and anodized it with a matte black finish to give it a beautiful look. When you buy it, you are sure that your phone is going to be protected by the rubber pads put in the product so that your screen is always not tampered with. If you own any smartphone, then it is time that you visit our shops.

1. Bestrix Universal Phone Bike Mount Holder

Bestrix Universal Phone Bike Mount Holder 

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When you have bought a phone, then you are sure that you have done an investment. What is required is how you protect it when you go riding your bike. That is why we have made our mount holders all to our customer satisfaction because your happiness is our priority. It has been fitted with spring adjustable clamps that will fasten it firmly to the bike handlebars.

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These items have been given the best design and make so that they give your phone the best protection that it needs. One thing that you cannot avoid or risk missing is taking your phone when it rings because it might be that very urgent or important one that you have been waiting for. That is why it brings us with this ideas of making something that will make sure you are protected. Priced well to fit in your pockets is what you will get with us.

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