Top 10 Best Bluetooth Smart Watches In 2019

As if smartphones were not smart enough major manufacturers decided to develop a complementary device. Smart watches were introduced a couple of years ago and despite poor predictions their success keeps going up. Most smartphone owners consider getting one at a some point in time and quite a few purchased one already. With such a high demand, the supply of smart watches has also increased which made them more affordable. With no further ado here are the top 10 best Bluetooth Smart Watches in 2018.

8. Motorola Moto 360

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Smart Watches In 2019 1

The Motorola Moto 360 is a great looking smart watch with Bluetooth connectivity, voice recognition and a wide range of extra features. Unlike most other models the Moto 360 looks like a plan stylish watch but offers a lot more features. It is one of the more expensive models but the price is well reflected in the build quality and stylish design.

7. Veezy Gear Bluetooth Smart Watch

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Smart Watches In 2019 2

One of the more recommended budget solution is the Weezy Gear Bluetooth Smart Watch. It is an affordable gadget that offers decent battery life, a responsive touch screen and sufficient features such as caller ID, notifications for email, SMS, social apps and several other perks. The aspect that recommends it the most is the low price and the decent array of features and the ones that can overlook the fact that it is a smart watch made by a relatively unknown brand might want to check out this model.

6. Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Smart Watches In 2019 3

Fitbit is one of the more notorious brands that established itself as a viable alternative to all the big name manufacturers. The Surge Fitness smart watch is a compact and modern looking gadget with a simple display that shows useful information when going out for some physical exercises. It is also capable of showing most notifications and can have its stored data transferred to other smartphones as well.

5. Pebble Steel Smart Watch

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Smart Watches In 2019 4

Pebble are considered pioneers in terms of smart watches. They use their own OS for their devices. This makes them unique to some degree. The Steel Smart Watch is one of their more affordable models despite the fact that it is not that cheap. It comes with a gorilla glass screen, notification features, thousands of custom apps and a waterproof build.

4. Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Smart Watches In 2019 5

Samsung offers quite a few models of smart watches and all of them are aimed at smartphone owners that have a decent budget. The Samsung Gear Fit smart watch is a stylish slim gadget that connects to Android smartphones via Bluetooth. It offers a wide selection of fitness apps and all the standard notifications. It is unfortunately compatible with mostly Samsung devices.

3. LG Electronics G Watch

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Smart Watches In 2019 6

For a lot of people the LG G Watch is probably the best looking smart watch on the market. It has a simple design with round edges and a smooth color touchscreen with gorilla glass protection. It runs on Android and comes with a powerful processor. Despite all that the watch has a great battery life.

2. Sony® SW3 SmartWatch 3 SWR50

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Smart Watches In 2019 7

The Sony SW3 is the third generation of smart watches made by the Asian manufacturer. Despite having a rather minimalistic design the watch offers more than enough features to complement an Android smartphone. It is sleek, powerful and compact. Some might be turned off by its price but it is a premium product and that can be seen in its features and build quality.


1. Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Smart Watches In 2019 8

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch is the original model that was introduced by the Korean manufacturer. Even if it is not their latest model it is still their most popular one. It comes with a stable OS, a 1.9 megapixel camera and multiple useful apps. The build quality of the smart watch is yet to be matched by other manufacturer as the Galaxy Gear is a premium product with an excellent design.


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