Top 10 Best Curtain Lights For Christmas Decoration 2019 – Review & Buyer’s Guidelines

Are you planning for a colorful Christmas celebration? If yes, you need to make the whole place look beautiful, bright and shining with colorful decorations. You need the best Curtain Light that gives your home a colorful variety of lights. It makes the whole room look great because they usually come with a variety of colors that keep changing. With such curtain lights, the whole room will be shining with different colors.

They are strings of light emitting diodes that are placed in a window curtain in a given pattern, they are set in such a way that they emit lights of different colors at different times giving a colorful decoration to your Christmas event. You should buy such curtain lights during a Christmas celebration so as to give your event a colorful decoration. This makes the whole place unique and memorable. At times, the lights pass a message because they are arranged in such a way that as they emit lights, a Christmas message is displayed.

10. FEFE Light up String Fairy Light Window Curtain Icicle Lights

FEFE Light up String Fairy Light is the best window curtain string light for home decoration as modern contemporary idea

This is a curtain light made of copper wire which is placed inside a pure icicle plastic. It is flexible, durable and saves energy. The installation is fast and easy because each of the lights string is placed separately. You just hand up the main string first then unravel string light separately.

It is characterized by multiple uses since it is ideal for decorations and creating a warm and romantic environment in many ways.

9. LED Photo String Lights-Magnolian 20 Photo Clips

LED Photo String Lights-Magnolian is the best photo clips string light for wedding decoration or new home owner

It is a showcase of pictures and artworks that accompany the strings of LED lights. When placed on your curtains, you will be able to view various Christmas pictures and artworks of your choice.

It comes with a lot of innovative designs based on your taste and preference. It is battery operated and requires 3AA batteries. This is perfect for any occasion especially the Christmas celebration as it creates a beautiful niche full of memories and fun.

8. Ucharge Star Curtain Lights

Ucharge Star Curtain Lights is the best star string light for Christmas decoration

These curtain lights can be the best for any event at any place. This is because it is characterized by 8 different modes which are Combination, Waves, Sequential, Slo-glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/Flash, Steady On.

Besides, it has a high brightness light and made of quality material. It is waterproof and therefore, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is also flexible, portable and easy to store.

7. LED Concepts 300 LED Icicle Curtain String Lights

It provides stunning accent lighting with 300 LEDs that that rest on a clear string. It is also accompanied with 8 different modes meaning they can be used in different celebrations, not just Christmas.

It has a power adapter that allows you to switch through the eight modes. Because of the 8 modes, it can create a magical scene during your Christmas celebration.

6. Kootek 33ft 100 LEDs Fairy String Lights with Remote Control

This is a warm and white LED that can create an impressive effect anywhere. It generates a romantic environment during any Christmas celebration. It has a flexible copper wire that allows the rope lights to be bent to any shape.

It is controlled by a remote control within the range of about 8 meters. It has 10 brightness levels, four flashing speed and four modes of smooth. The copper string is waterproof and this gives you a chance to use it anywhere.

5. Blusow Curtain Lights 304led

It has 304 LED warm lights and a total power rating of 9w. It has high electric energy convert rate and no heat energy consumption.

It is easy to use and saves a lot of energy. It can provide the required brightness and a beautiful environment characterized by beautiful color combinations.

4. Ucharge 600 LED Curtain Icicle Lights with 8 Modes

Ucharge 600 LED Curtain Icicle Lights is the best string light for indoor decoration

This is an efficient LED light with 600 LED lights and a total power rating of 18w. It is safe to be used and saves a lot of energy since no heat is generated.

It is easy to use and has 8 different modes to give you variety of lights and intensities. It has higher brightness levels and gives you a chance to control it to the level you want.

3. Valuetom 304 LED Twinkle String Lights Fairy Curtain Lights

Valuetom 304 LED Twinkle String Lights is the best string light for outdoor decoration

It uses an input voltage of 100-120V and uses a copper wire technology where the wire covered in a plastic is pure copper. It is safe to use and waterproof.

It has a high brightness since it has 304 LEDs and 16 string lights to make it bright and romantic.

2. Leapair Curtain Lights 600LED

Leapair Curtain Lights 600LED is the best decoration string light for honey moon

This product is white in color and has a total of 600 LEDs meaning 25 LEDs per string. It uses an AC voltage of 110V and has a total of 24 strings. It is energy efficient, hard and easier to install. It is also characterized excellent indoor and outdoor decoration effect to give your event a wonderful look.

It is water and cold resistance. This implies that you will not have any problem related to short-circuiting because of water getting into the electrical parts inside the LED. It is also filled with antifreeze for protection against low temperatures.

1. String lights Curtain, 300 LED Icicle Wall Lights, Fairy Indoor Starry Lights 8 Mode

String lights Curtain, 300 LED Icicle Wall Lights is the best decoration string light for all time and all even

This is high-quality Christmas curtain light made from 300 bright warm individuals LED. It is waterproof and therefore suitable for both indoors and outdoor activities. The input voltage is 100-120V AC with eight operational modes.

To enhance safety and quality, it has UL Certificated Output and wire. It has 29V Voltage safe curtain lights with UL certified and this leads to 29V safe output by UL plug-in transformer.

How To Pick the Best Christmas Curtain Light

It is not an easy task to pick the best curtain lights especially when it is your first time to do so. Below is a guide to picking the best: First, you should seek advice from the experts who know more about such lights. They will guide you to choose the best or even buy on your behalf. Besides, you should compare different lights and choose the one that impresses you the most. This gives you an opportunity to explore all the available options before making any decision. Finally, you should choose one that matches the color of your curtain. This makes the whole place beautiful with the best color combination.


Those are the top ten Christmas curtain lights to give you the best niche for your celebrations at home. Most of them have 8 modes to allow you choose the best. Therefore, choose one of the best and be assured of a colorful and decorated environment.

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