Top 10 Best Faucet to Hose Adapter Reviews in 2018

Sometimes you urgently need water for a backyard garden, but sadly, you do not have any nearby source. Why don’t you just use the faucet? However, its purpose is to use with the sink, so there no way you can get water all the way to the backyard unless you have an adapter. Besides, installing a new pipe is not a good solution. Today, we introduce you the Faucet to Hose Adapter. With the help of converter, you can easily connect the garden hose to the sink’s faucet and get the water you need without calling plumber.


10. LDR 500 2050 Aerator Adapter, Faucet to Hose to Aerator

We start our list with Aerator adapter that works with your typical hose thread. Moreover, you can install this adapter with a few lines of instructions. The part is chrome finished which provide a matching color with kitchen faucet available on the market. Besides all that, the adapter also works in reverse, which means that you can convert from hose to aerator if you want to.

Special features:

  • Compatible with Male (15/16-Inch x 27) or Female (55/64-Inch x 27) Aerators
  • Compatible with 3/4-Inch Male Hose Threads
  • Easy installation with easy to read manual


  • The band is too narrow to work with
  • The edge is sharp which can cut you finger accidentally


9. Danco 10521 Snap Coupling, Brass

We would say this one is more durable than the previous onesince it hascorrectlychrome-coated brass and robust design. On the other hand, it works the same type of hose as the tenth one does. Both the installation and connection is pretty quick and straightforward. On top of that, the product complies with the standard that will surely save you some water and keep water safety a priority.

Special features:

  • Tightly sealed to prevent water leakage
  • High durability and wide range of compatibility with hoses and faucets
  • Quick connection and installation


  • The size in diameter is smaller which make it a bit too tight to attach or removeit to the tape
  • Too short for connecting to the hose in some cases



The adapter that comes in theeighth spot is perfect for multiple threads of tubes that work both inside and outside the threads. Not to mention, the conversionapplies to male 15/16-27 or female 55/64-27 faucet-end and male 3/4 or 55/64-27 garden-hose-end. The installation and connect is a quick and easy process. On top of that, the whole part is chrome-plated for better durability.

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Special features:

  • Better water safetywith its low lead design
  • Durable chrome plated brass
  • Work with variety of faucets and also allow multiple hose’s thread connections


  • The thread is quite shaping that sometimes can cause accidental cut


7. Camco 40083 Faucet Adapter – Lead-Free

If you are worried about having leading corporate in those adapters we just mention, then just choose this one as it is aguaranty to be lead-free. Moreover, this compact adapter can fit with thevarious size of both male and female thread. With just a few quick process, you can connect your faucet to any standard garden hose.

Special features:

  • Certified and complied low-lead standard by CSA
  • Fit with regular garden hose and highly available faucets on market


  • Sharp thread and require more force to install the hose


6. Do it Dual Thread Faucet Adapter to Hose

Don’t let the look fool you! Even though it poor quality part, this one is properly chrome adapter that does it job pretty well. In a few minutes, you can attach your faucet to your garden hose by some screw. In short, it is handyconverter for those who need a solution for watering houseplants, bathing the dog and other chores.

Special features:

  • Atemporary solution for washing machine and dishwasher connection, an extra function
  • Compatible with 15/16″ faucet, and 55/64″ thread from outside and 3/4″ from inside


  • A bit hard to install without injuring yourself with the threads
  • The brass is quite short


5. Claber 8587 Quick-Fit Tap Connector Set

This one might catch your interest with its lever clamp mechanism that allows theuser to release the connector with one push. The adapter’s threads will fit with any standard faucets, and the brass itself is nickel-plated, which mean it completely safe for working with drinking water. In addition, it is very convenient to connect and remove the hose to the faucet; not to mention, it also collaborates with any indoor kitchen, laundry or bathroom taps.

Special features:

  • Built-in nickel-plated aerator
  • Quick release mechanism with just a push
  • Fit with any kitchen, laundry and bathroom taps
  • Two years warranty


  • The part will break if you drop or apply a lot of pressure on it


4. LDR 530 2050 Faucet to Hose or Aerator Adapter Lead-Free

The forth adapter also claim to be lead-free as it meets the standard of CA’s AB1953 and VT’s 18 VSA. On top of that, the partallows connection up to 3/4″ male hose thread. You can also use it to connect male faucets and female hose and vice versa. The specification of conversion is pretty much the same as you may see on any standard adapter.

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Special features:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Converts standard male or female aerator to 3/4-Inch Male hose thread or 15/16-Inch x 27 male thread
  • Easy to screw and unscrew the aerator
  • No leakage


  • The hose occasionally come off


3. Claber 8583 Koala Indoor Faucet Adapter

We get another adapter from Claber whose product always surprise us with its useful features. Just like the fifth one on the list, this one also has quick removal mechanism but even easier. More than that, the lower part is adjustable to match faucets’ length. In addition, it fully compatible with agarden hose up to 5/8″ in diameter.

Special features:

  • Quick hose removal mechanism
  • Complete seal with rubber clamp to ensure no leakage
  • Adjustable to faucet length


  • Only work with straight-neck faucet that no wider 1 inch or no deeper than .25 inch
  • The device put pressure on faucet’s head


2. Faucet-to-Shower Converter

We have mentioned adapters that connect the faucet to agarden hose, but this one far difference from any of those. It turns your faucet to temporary shower. You might also find it useful to be able to do so in some situation. Moreover, it comes with a deluxe spray head that works amazingly well. The length of the spray cable is 48 inch that would be long enough for basic shower usage. On top of that, the head is easy to grip, and it sprays water gently as well.


Special features:

  • Easy to connect the adapter to the existing faucet with no tool require
  • Long cable and good spray header included


  • Only fit 3/4″ and 1″ faucet head
  • Low water pressure as it intends to be gentle spray


1. Camco 22484 Water Bandit – Lead Free

Finally, we come to the last product on the top spot. This adapter can support both threaded and unthreaded hose, which is a unique feature. Moreover, it is quite long making theconnection much easier. The hose connects sealed with the firm rubber ensuring no leakage. In addition, the product complies CSA Low Lead Content Certified(NSF/ANSI 372) making it safe for drinking water.


Special features:

  • Longer connector for better connection
  • No leakage and lead-free product
  • One year warranty


  • Not intended to use under high pressure


After going through a list of top ten faucethoseadapters, we are sure that we cover any type of adapter that you might need. We even cover the one that can function as a shower. If you benefit from this list, we sure to check out our list on other product as well.

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