Top 10 Best GoPro Accessories Kits in 2018

The GoPro cameras are compact, durable, and meant for recording video in extreme situations – such as outdoor activities. But, one of the greatest features of the GoPro cameras is the accessory kits that you can purchase to extend functionality.

Owning a GoPro Hero camera can be a genuine joy. When it was first introduced it was the only option available for super compact full HD video cameras. Today, other manufacturers introduced their own models but the GoPro line of products still dominates the market and it is easy to see why. Very few other brands managed to get things just as right as GoPro and their Hero series.

Regardless of how awesome their cameras are, GoPro does not include a lot of accessories. They usually need to be purchased separately and in most cases, a new GoPro owner will go shopping for accessories almost immediately. The problem is that it can be useful to have a harness, a holster and other accessories that are just not provided by GoPro. On the upside, there are plenty of third-party accessories kits. They include inexpensive items that will always prove useful. We are not talking stabilizers or tripods. These kits usually include 20 or more items and cost as much as a cheap tripod.

Best GoPro Accessories Kits in 2018

For our list, we managed to select 10 different accessories kits for GoPro cameras. The search was difficult mostly because there are identical kits wearing different brand names. With no further ado here are the top 10 best GoPro accessories kits in 2018.

10. BAXIA Technology 44-in-1 Accessories Kit for the GoPro

The first kit to examine is this 44-in-1 accessories kit. This kit is built for the GoPro Hero 5, Session 4, 3+, 3, 2, and 1. But, many of the items that are included are compatible with any camera that uses a standard tripod mount. Along with this compatibility, you get the following benefits:

  • Includes a monopod handheld mount – you can record smooth video and eliminate the shakiness while recording by hand
  • Comes with a bike tripod mount – this lets you strap the camera to your bicycle
  • Includes chest belt strap mount with a 3-way adjustable pivot arm
  • Includes a shockproof carrying case for storing all these cool items

There are no drawbacks to talk about. You get a case full of accessories that you can instantly start using with your GoPro camera.

As you read through these reviews, you’ll notice a lot of similar items. Some items may not work as well as others. It really is a mixed bag.

But, all these kits in this list are available for rating30 or less and come with over a dozen items. So, even if one of the items doesn’t work, you are still getting a great value. There are no major disadvantages with any of these kits.

9. Black Pro Basic Common Outdoor Sports Kit for GoPro Hero 5

Do you love kayaking and outdoor activities? This could be the right starter kit. It includes 13 items that will help you get more use out of your camera while outdoors.

Here are the top items and accessories that are included in this kit:

  • Comes with a floating grip mount and long screw for making sure that your camera doesn’t float away while you are using your camera underwater
  • Includes a headband strap mount for strapping the camera to your head. This strap is fully adjustable
  • This kit also includes a chest strap – you can easily strap the camera to your chest for recording video while engaging in physical activities
  • Includes a wrist strap mount – you can wear this strap while you ride your bike or surf

What about the disadvantages? The only problem is the number of items that are included. While the number of items is great for the current asking price for this kit, the rest of the accessory kits in this list provide 40 to 55 items.

8. Erligpowht Common Outdoor Sports Kits for Go Pro

Here is your water accessory kit. It includes various items that are suitable for outdoor use or use in the water. This includes chest straps and other mounts. Just check out the following advantages to learn more:

Includes a chest harness strap belt and vertical surface J-hook buckle
Comes with a handheld monopod mount and adapter – eliminate shaky video
This kit includes a floating handle grip that is designed to protect your camera when recording in the water – it keeps the camera from sinking to the bottom if you happen to lose it
You also get a pouch for carrying your equipment and a carrying case for holding the complete set of accessories

Overall, this is another great option. You get a wide selection of mounts. Nearly every kit includes the basic chest, bike, and the monopod mount. You also get a car sun visor mount – for attaching the camera to the top of your vehicle.

7. Accessories Bundle Kit for GoPro Hero 4 3+ 3 2 1

The 7th best accessories kit offers a good assortment of camera accessories. Of course, you get the chest strap, bike handlebar mount, and a monopod. You also get these items:

  • Comes with 1 adjustable car suction mount
  • 2 surface quick release buckles
  • Comes with a 3-way adjustable pivot arm
  • Includes a large shockproof carrying case for storing your items
  • Includes 2 insurance tether straps
  • Comes with a 360-degree rotary clip mount

There is only one drawback to this kit. It isn’t meant for the GoPro Hero 5.

While most of the included items should be compatible with the Hero 5 camera, there are some items that may limit the functionality of the camera when connected to the Hero 5. If you have the latest GoPro, then you might want to look at the next few options.

6. Vanwalk Basic Common Outdoor Sports Kit for GoPro Hero 5 / Session 5/4/3/2/1

The next kit is meant for the GoPro Hero 5 or the Session 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1. You get 24 items for all your outdoor needs. This includes:

  • Chest harness strap with a J-hook buckle and long screw – easily strap the camera to your chest for recording while engaging in physical activities. You can wear it while riding, skiing, boating, and fishing
  • The waist strap adjusts between 25 and 67-inches
  • Includes an extendable handheld monopod and a tripod adapter
  • Comes with a bike handlebar holder mount, head strap, and a tripod adapter
  • Store all your items in a large EVA shockproof carry case
  • The carrying case can also hold your GoPro camera

Again, you get a great variety of items. Even if you don’t need everything in this kit, you’ll still save money.

One or two of these items alone would normally equal the cost of the kit. But, you are getting what you pay for. Some of the items may not be the most durable pieces of equipment, but they should get the job done.

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5. DeKaSi Accessories Kit Case for GoPro HERO

Here is a 55-in-1 action kit for your GoPro. This kit is built for the GoPro Hero 5 but should work with the 4 and 3 series as well.

All accessories come in a shockproof carrying case, protecting your accessories from damage. In addition to this case, you’ll get these items:

  • Comes with a chest belt strap mount – fits comfortably, even when wearing a heavy coat
  • Includes a monopod handheld mount and tripod mount adapter
  • Includes a Wi-Fi remote with a Velcro belt band and wrist strap – remotely control your GoPro
  • Other accessories include anti-fog inserts, thumb screws, adhesive stickers and mounts, and quick release buckles

Overall, this is a great buy. You get 55 components, including various mounts and straps. As with all these accessory kits, you should view the full product details and explore the complete list of items that are included before making a final decision. Many of these kits contain similar items.

4. Lifelimit Accessories Starter Kit for GoPro

The 4th best GoPro accessories kit lets you strap your camera to your chest or head, and comes with a great collection of cool accessories. You can learn more about this package by checking out the following overview:

  • The chest strap allows you to comfortably mount the camera on your chest – fits over large coats
  • The head strap mount is fully adjustable to fit anyone – even fits over large helmets
  • The handlebar bicycle clip gives you the option to take your GoPro camera just about anywhere
  • Comes with an octopus tripod, 360-degree rotation clip, and 360-degree wrist mount

This only covers a portion of the exciting accessories included in this kit. While this kit is made for the GoPro Hero 5, most items should be compatible with all varieties of the GoPro cameras.

3. Neewer 50-in-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit for the GoPro

Like most of these kits, this kit is intended for the GoPro cameras. But, it should work with nearly any camera that has a standard ¼-inch thread for mounting on a tripod.

You get 50 items in this kit, offering new ways to make better use of your camera. Here is an overview of some of the best items included in this kit:

  • Removable triangle suction cup mount – useful for recording at a low angle
  • Wi-Fi remote fastening tape wrist strap – connect a wireless GoPro camera remote to your wrist
  • Backpack strap quick release clip clamp mount with 360-degree rotation – easily clip or remove this mount on your backpack
  • Mini-retractable tripod with ball head and foldable legs – lightweight tripod
  • Includes a selfie stick
  • Comes with a large carrying case that will hold all your items
  • Includes a handheld monopod, head strap mount, chest strap, and handlebar mount

Again, you get a variety of items that are compatible with your GoPro camera. By purchasing these accessory kits, you get to save money on the cost of individual accessories.

While you may not require all the items that are included in this kit, you are getting an amazing value.

2. Soft Digits Accessories Kit for GoPro

Here is another great kit that includes a variety of components for mounting your GoPro camera on your body. You also get a compact carrying case that can surprisingly store all the pieces.

There is a total of 44 items in this kit, which includes:

  • Various straps – a 360-degree rotation wrist strap, flexible chest harness, and a vented helmet strap
  • Includes a floating handle and a long screw for making sure you don’t lose your camera while engaging in water activities
  • 12-piece anti-fog inserts – these reusable inserts prevent the housing of your camera from fogging
  • Includes a suction cup mount for mounting the camera on any flat surface – including the interior or exterior of your vehicle
  • Bicycle handlebar mount – strap your camera to your bicycle
  • You also get a selfie stick that can extend up to 1.1-meters

This is a great, comprehensive accessory kit that is compatible with all GoPro cameras. Some of these items use the standard ¼-inch tripod mount, which means you can use these items with other cameras.

The kit doesn’t include instructions. You get a large box full of items. If you need help figuring out how to use these items, you may need to go online and find online videos. That is the only drawback. These are quality items and you get a great assortment.

1. Zookki Outdoor Sports Accessories Kit for GoPro

Here is the last entry in the list – the top GoPro accessory kit. It contains a wide assortment of useful items and equipment so that you can get more out of your GoPro camera.

Check out the following advantages and details of this package:

  • Includes a chest belt strap mount and a J-hook buckle – you can use this to mount the GoPro camera on your chest
  • The chest belt strap is easily adjustable for a secure fit
  • Includes a monopod handheld mount – adjustable between 8 and 37-inches
  • Comes with a car suction cup mount holder and a tripod mount adapter – use this to position your camera at different angles inside or outside of your vehicle
  • Includes a bike handlebar holder mount and three-way adjustable pivot arm – mount your camera on your bicycle
  • Comes with a wrist strap mount – helps keep the camera steady when recording on the go
  • Includes a head belt strap mount – strap the camera to your head

All these components will work with the GoPro Hero, GoPro 4, and other varieties of this popular camera.

These are quality pieces of equipment that provide a wide range of options for mounting your camera. You basically get everything that you need to connect the camera to your body, vehicle, or to keep the camera steady in your hand.

Get More Use Out of Your GoPro with Accessory Kits

With these top 10 best GoPro accessories kits in 2018, you get a variety of options for extending the use of your GoPro. This includes kits for outdoor sports, recording in water, and other choices.

Think about how you plan on using your GoPro and then find the accessory kit that meets your needs.


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