Top 10 Best Keyless Door Lock Reviews

Everybody loves keyless locks. They hate fumbling around for keys, or even worse, losing them. And they trust the security that a keyless lock system provides. Here are some of the most elegant looking ones from quality manufacturers for you to choose from.

10. Yale Security model YRD220-ZW-619


This keyless lock from one of the best known lock manufacturers in the world features a small, unobtrusive design that blends in with your door. It also accepts up to 25 different codes so everyone in the house can program a code that they know they’ll remember. A ‘privacy-mode’ setting also allows you to disable all of the accepted codes. The unit comes in a heavy-duty, satin nickel finish.

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09. Lockstate model LS-DB500-SN



This keyless lock will appeal to those homeowners who have a colonial style motif to their home. This satin nickel finished lock features 6 programmable codes that can be entered. And, codes can be from 4-10 digits to help users remember them. The lock also boasts an automatic re-locking that can be set to re-lock the door after entering. The lock includes 2 emergency override keys.

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08. Schlage model FE469NX LAT 619 CEN Touchscreen Deadbolt



Schlage is another well-respected lock manufacturer that has offered this modern-looking keyless system that features a deadbolt locking mechanism. The powerful motorized bolt automatically slides open and closed to provide access once a user’s code is entered on the touch-screen incorporated into the face of the unit. Combine this lock’s built in motion sensor, that detects movement of the door and provides an audible alarm, along with its heavy duty satin nickel appearance, and the lock will serve as an effective deterrent to crime.

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07. All-Weather model #409



This lock, from Anaconda, is an entirely mechanically operating keyless lock, so it doesn’t need batteries or rely on any type of power source to operate. The lock is very heavy duty and comes in a stain nickel finish. The lock works by pushing the internal set of pins in order to create a user’s code. This lock is highly popular with customers, and is a good alternative to a keyed lock in a rural situation, such as a seldom visited cabin or lodge.

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06. Kwikset model 910 Z-wave



Kwikset, another long-respected maker of fine locks, enters the running with this small and compact keyless lock. The lock features customizable access codes so users can have their own codes, and one button locking once the users have left the residence. As a backup, there is a Smartkeythat allows the lock to be overridden.

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05. MiLocks model DF-02AQ



Milocks offers this keyless lock with an integrated deadbolt and backlit touch keys that accepts up to 25 different combinations of codes. It comes in an antique brass finish and features 25 year mechanical warranty, as well as a 1 year electrical warranty.

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04. Samsung model SHS-1321 Digital Door Lock



Samsung goes digital in presenting their entry into the keyless lock arena. More for interior doors than exterior as per the user’s experience, this lock can be operated via the touch screen pad or by the 4 included RFD cards, to offer you hands-free access.

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03. Kwikset model Kevo Smart Lock



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Kwoset takes the next step by introducing a lock that can be operated by Bluetooth enabling your smartphone to open your door for you. Compatible with both Android 5.0 phones, and select iPhones and iPads this law-profile lock will allow quick and easy access while supplying you with the secirty that Kwikset is known for.

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02. Schlage model BE469WKVCAM716



This impressive looking keyless entry lock offers the highest level of security in its, ANSI grade 1 construction. Featuring an oversized touchscreen with large illuminated numbers, this heavy duty lock will offer you and your family the utmost in safety and security. The lock, which comes in an aged bronze finish, features a motorized lock that electrically and automatically locks and unlocks whenever the access code is entered. The unit comes complete with access keys enabling you to override the system.

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01. Schlage model BE365VCAM619



This keyless, low-profile lock, is from Schlage’s Camelot line of locks, and is offered to us in a choice of 8 different finishes which allows the user to match the lock to nearly any décor. The lock is very simple to operate and 6-digit codes can easily be entered and changed at will.

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