Top 10 Best Leather Luggage Tags for International Travel in 2019 Reviews


Luggage tags are accessories that tend to be assumed. But it has its advantage like for instance one is able to keep his ID intact, one does not lose their personal info or ID.

It helps your ID not to get worn out as well.

It helps in easy identification of your luggage especially if the luggage bag is popular among people.

Helps you to not lose your language, especially in an airport looking for a luggage bag is usually hectic.

It is also easy to find your luggage if lost because you have the tag.

The worst thing that can happen to you in the airport is losing your luggage, especially if it had important documents.

It is wise when you a buy a luggage tag which is unique this way you can identify it from far.

There are many luggage tags in the market but most of them are of poor quality giving you service for a less period.

So we will take you through the best leather luggage tags for international travel that have considered the price and is comfortable for you.

10. Travel Smart by Conair Leather Luggage Tags, 2 Pack

Travel Smart by Conair Leather Luggage Tags, 2 Pack

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It is a perfect fit of business card. Its size is 4.75 x 2.625-inch.

It has a sturdy strap that can withstand being thrown around and does not loosen.

It is made of leather very durable. Its design is elegant and professional.

It comes in 2 has as a clear identification label pocket that has flap for privacy.

9. Travel ambo Genuine Leather Luggage Tags & Bag Tags 2 Pieces Set in 8 Colors

Travel ambo Genuine Leather Luggage Tags & Bag Tags 2 Pieces Set in 8 Colors 

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It is suited by people who love expressing themselves.

It comes in different bold colors that one can choose from.

You can put your identification card on both side making it very convenient.

It is very durable, made of pure leather and the buckle is made of stainless steel which is rust and corrosion free.

It will give you service for a long time. It has a flap to put your personal document.

8. Harley Davidson Luggage Tags

Harley Davidson Luggage Tags 

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It has this professional look. It is very subtle and made of 100% leather. Its size is 2.5 by 4 “.

It comes as 2 tags.

It has a flap where you put your identification card.

It is clear for visibility and convenience.

It also has constructed belt which is made of leather that is very durable and can withstand being thrown from place to place.

7. Floto Leather Luggage Tag

Floto Leather Luggage Tag 

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It comes in different colors which are subtle.

It brings out the best in you because of its elegant look.

It is made of pure leather. It has a slot that you put your ID and fits perfectly. Its size is 11 x 7 x 3” it is very light.

It has buckled leather clasp that is strong to hold it all together without losing documents.

6. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Luggage Tag [Tan]

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Luggage Tag [Tan] 

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Rawlings has a reputation of having quality leather and it has kept up with its reputation by having a 100% leather luggage tag.

It has a clear ID pocket which makes it more convenient and you can know your luggage without opening it up.

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It has a featured Rawlings patch which adds to the groove.

It is best for anyone who loves sports especially baseball.

The attachment loop is belted meaning that one can easily remove and put it to another luggage.

5. Saddleback Leather Luggage Tag

Saddleback Leather Luggage Tag 

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It is made from the best full grain boot leather, it is different from other leathers because it is thicker.

It is very durable and that is why they offer you 100 years warranty!

Its size (4 1/4″ Tall x 2 3/4″ Wide x 3/8″) fits small business cards as well as ID card.

It has no clear plastic that get worn out or dirty.

4. Rawlings Rugged Luggage Tag

Rawlings Rugged Luggage Tag 

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It is made by the same leather that makes the baseball gloves, meaning it is of high quality.

Its dimensions are: 4.5x.25×3”.

It is made in India.

It has sturdy leather strap that never loosen and detach from your luggage even when thrown from one corner to the other.

It has a flap to place personal information in.

It has a sophisticated look that is complemented by the stripped lining which has a tint of crimson as well as heritage gray.

3. Travel on Leather Luggage Tag

Travel on Leather Luggage Tag 

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It is made of leather.

Its design complements your suit or professional clothes you have.

It has a flap to secure your personal info on the front.

It is secured with a snap then on top it has a unique metallic button which adds on the stylish look of the leather tag.

Its size easily fits business cards as well as identity card.

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2. Fossil Giftable Luggage Tag

Fossil Giftable Luggage Tag 

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It is made of leather and the interior material is made of the soft cotton.

It is closed by a snap for security.

It is available in different colors and pattern hence one can pick the tag that brings out the best in him or her.

It can have a short or long strap which helps from not losing the tag it is very durable and strong.

1. COACH GARY BASEMAN Buster Le Fauve Luggage Tag Blue

COACH GARY BASEMAN Buster Le Fauve Luggage Tag Blue 

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The blue leather tag has a stylish look, it also has an animated character on the tag making it more appealing.

To add on its look it has polished nickel hardware.

It has a front flap for personal documents.

It has ample space for your info.

Belt buckle is made of leather hence very strong, it has 3 holes which can fit to your liking.

Its measurements are 6″ (L) X 2.25″ (W) X .25″ (D).


As a business person, impression matters.

The details in your physical appearance and what you hold in your hands matters.

Ensure people get to know you right by buying the luggage tag that defines you accurately.

There will be no need of wasting your time looking for your luggage when you actually have a tight schedule.

The luggage tags will definitely save time.

Invest on a luggage tag that will identify luggage from a further distance.

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