Top 10 Best Outdoor LED String Lights Reviews in 2018

If you are planning on decorating your beautiful house for the upcoming seasonal holidays, you’d better not forget light bulb. While you at it, why not look for outdoor LED string lights? No matter if it were Christmas or a party, lighting would get the mood started. Forget about the conventional light bulb, LED provide a more efficient way to lighten up your event. That is why we present you 10 of the best outdoor LED light strings in 2017. Therefore, you will not miss the chance of impression from you neighbors and your guests on the next holidays. Another key point is that this LED string is waterproof, which is best outdoor decoration.

10. Arespark Ball Fairy Light

We start our list with a fancy starry string of light that comprises of totally 100 LED and lengths around 33 feet. Uniquely, the LEDs give off dimming yellow light, which creates an atmosphere suitable for a ball or a Christmas event. Moreover, the light ball itself is 0.75 inch and 4 inches apart from one another. In addition, you can set lighting effect ranging from flashy waves to steady slow fades. There is nothing to worry about its installation as you only need to plug into 110 volts outlet and with a press of a button.

Special features:

  • Low Power Consumption & Safety
  • Operate at low temperature and low voltage
  • Excellent for warm illumination
  • Thick and hard cable shield


  • The plug won’t work with some outlets


9. TaoTronics Dimmable Festival Decorative Lights

Let us turn our focus on a longer string if what you are looking for need to be longer than 30 feet as for this one is double in length. With 200 LEDs, the series extends up to 66 feet. Everything from LED, power adapter and controller are waterproof guaranteed for both indoor and outdoor installation. Additionally, you got a remote control for adjusting brightness and switching between lighting modes. The LED is efficient and will not overheat under long operation time.

Special features:

  • High-safety power adapter and short circuit protection
  • Super long LED light string, 66 feet or 20 m, suitable for any decoration
  • Can be remotely controlled by an included controller
  • Adjustable brightness and dimming effect


  • The remote only cover short proximity


8. Brightech Ambience PRO LED Indoor / Outdoor

As the name suggested, this light stands work excellently for both indoor and outdoor environment.The LED bulbs emit natural white light. Coupled with black wiring, this light string match with any classic design such as Italian style. However, it quite short compared which is only 26 foot long, but each bulb will work as efficiently as it could.

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Special features:

  • Full three years guaranty from Brightech
  • Advanced energy-saving LED
  • Each bulb is carefully packed individually


  • Too short for some complex decoration
  • Too bright and not adjustable


7. LE 65ft LED String Lights, 200 LED, Copper Wire, Flexible Fairy Lights

Now we back on a long string of LED and this one fit the bill if you need warming white lighting for ornamenting your garden, tree or an event. Unlike other, this one has physical on/off button that will not require you to unplug it from the outlet.  Notably, the string is for DIY as you can easily bend it to virtually any shape.

Special features:

  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Well-insulated copper wire for safely touch


  • The switch is not waterproof


6. Qedertek Globe Outdoor Solar String Lights

With bubble crystal shape, this string of LED would be a genius decoration for holiday festivity. Moreover, it works with included solar panel, which is perhaps the most efficient LED strand you can get. When fully charged, it can operate up to 8 hours. It also automatically turns on at dawn as well. Overall, with solar panel and IP65 rating, this LED strand can handle any outdoor environment.

Special features:

  • Rechargeable battery powered by a solar panel
  • Bubble crystal decorative LED
  • Efficient and saving energy costs


  • 6 hours charging time for the battery


5. Litom Solar Outdoor 200 LED String Lights Solar Decorative Power Light

Our fifth product also powered by solar energy, eco-friendly product. Additionally, the strand can extend up to 72.18 feet. There are two switches, one for on/off and another one for changing lighting effect. Additional to length, the 200 LED is super bright that can illuminate even during the days. Despite its luminosity, the LED can operate up to 8 hours on one full charge.

Special features:

  • A built-in sensor turning off when dazzling light is detected
  • Energy-saving and Eco-friendly
  • A replacement or refund if any possible defective product


  • 6-8 hours charging time
  • The lighting mode reset after being turn off


4. Brightech – Ambience Pro LED – Weatherproof Outdoor Commercial Grade Lights

Even though it is a LED light strand, its shape resembles conventional light bulb. Coupled with high-tech, the LED only consume 2 watts of power for each while keeping its luminosity to the maximum. This product is also incorporate WeatherTite technology for better cable casing and withstanding extreme temperature on the fly. Moreover, the strand also allowed multiple strands to stay connected.

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Special features:

  • High luminosity best for festivity or party
  • Robustly built for extreme outdoor climate
  • Full 3 years guaranty from Brightech


  • Only included 15 LED bulbs
  • The cable case is a bit thick


3. Outdoor Globe String Lights LED Warm White Fairy Twinkle Lights

As for this product, the Led give off warm golden light for better mood for your event. In addition, the design is so simple with transparent cable and 0.75 inches bulbs. The LED balls itself is tougher than conventional glass bulbs you can get in the market. Not to mention its low power consumption, the LED is safe and reliable in the outdoor environment even under a rainy day. With 100 LED on one 36 feet strand, this one would suit with any decoration.

Special features:

  • Plastic bulbs for better non-friable LED light
  • Commercial Quality that works ideally for indoor and outdoor


  • Lead cable which could easily break


2. TaoTronics Waterproof Decorative Lights

As we already mention all the features of the ninth spot, this one is exactly the same type of product; however, it comes in a shorter length. With remote controller, you can quickly adjust its luminosity and modes with just a few press of buttons. The wire is gaunt which is perfect for bending into shapes. Moreover, the power adapter is so small for an easy hiding.

Special features:

  • White and yellow cable for better match with warm color of the light itself
  • Ten levels of brightness that is adjustable
  • Safe, convenient and eco-friendly


  • Lead cable, which is not so strong.
  • The remote only cover short proximity


1. Deneve Globe String Lights with G40 Bulbs

Even thought our top spot product is quite short compared to other ones on the list, this one packs with tons of features. Firstly, this strand of LED is perfect for any decoration for any café shop with black and white color. Each bulb only consumes 5W, but its luminosity is impressive. The string extends up to 25 ft., but it tried 25 bulbs together. Moreover, you can connect up to three strands together. The product comes from small business, but the quality warranty.

Special features:

  • Energy-efficient and super bright light that shines even in the daylight
  • Comes with spare fuses and if one goes out goes out, the rest will not be affect
  • Affordable


  • Some bulbs burn out after long period of being turn on continuously


Having gone through the entire list of LED strands, one of them would definitely match the design in your mind. We cover a wide variety of product from longer one to shorter one and different in luminosity. No matter what kind of party or holiday event that is coming, this LED strand would surely make a decoration to the next level.

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