Top 10 Best Portable Electric Winches Reviews in 2018

How frustrated when your lovely car gets stuck in the mud, and you have to pull it out with all of your power. Imagine how good it is to have portable electric winches to pull your car out of the mud instead of pulling your car by yourself under the hot sun. Stop wasting your energy pull your car, and grab portable electric winch one for your vehicle.

This is the reviewing of best portable electric winches of 2017.

10. Master Lock 2953AT 12-Volt DC Portable Winch

Portable electric winch Master Lock is a powerful electric winch that can perform 2000-pound pulling, 5000-pound marine, 6,000-pound rolling. Only 12-volt of power needed, Master Lock can help pulling your car out of the stuck in any situation. You can just sit and use the remote control and let the winch do the job for you.

Special features:

  • Attaches to ball mount or a flat surface with plate
  • perform 2000-pound pulling, 5000-pound marine, 6,000-pound rolling
  • Includes power battery cables, remote, backup hand crank, and safety hook


  • No function for adjusting speed

9. WARN 885000 Corded PullzAll 120V AC

WARN is one of the greatest portable electric winches from China. This is very easy to use and highly durable that it can lift or pull up to 1 000 lbs. This electric winch is a modern winch that is more useful than an old fashioned come-a-longs and chain falls. You can easily control the speed with an electronic load limiter with LED indicator.

Special features:

  • Easy to use and control with LED indicator
  • Adjustable speed
  • Lift or pull up to 1 000 lbs.


  • You have to find the cover to keep the winch out of water

8. WARN 910500 Drill Winch 500lb capacity

This is the lightweight and portable electronic winch of WARN. With the sturdy lightweight of the winch, WARN possibly lift or pull of 500 lbs. With a single line pulling capacity. It is powered by a standard portable drill and includes an free-spool clutch that makes rigging fast and easy. Moreover, it contains 30 feet of wire rope integrated hawse fairlead, and rigging hooks.

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Special features:

  • Single-line pulling with the capacity of 500 lbs.
  • Powered by standard portable drill
  • Rigging faster and easier


  • Not suitable for massive vehicle

7. Keeper KWSL2000RM 12V DC Rapid Mount Portable Winch with Handheld Remote – 6000 lbs. Load Capacity

Here is our 7th best portable electric winch, Keeper. Keeper is very light, yet reliable portable with the marine operation. Moreover, there is a built-in carry handle for easy transportation. You can control the winch with a remote control on a 10 feet lead. With greats mall amperage-draw gear box, Keeper has a pull line rating of 6,000 pounds rolling load, and 2,000 pounds rated line pull.

Special features:

  • Durable portable with marine operation
  • Include built-in carry handle for easy transportation
  • Powerful small amperage-draw gear box


  • Keep your winch in dry place all time

6. Superwinch 1331200 UT3000, 12 VDC winch, 3,000lb/1360 kg with mount plate, Roller Fairlead & 12′ remote

Superwinch, the most advanced portable electric winch, is standing at the 6th place of our list.The powerful motor of this winch has a 3 000 LB pulling rating and 40′ of 3/16″ wire rope with the ability to power load in and out. Moreover, it also includes the rubber handheld remote with 12’ cord for safety in use. The full metal differential planetary gear train has the function of pulling and turning free spooling clutch and gear ratio of 153:1 and dynamic braking.

Special features:

  • Removable clevis pinned with latched hook with rope thimble
  • Weather-sealed solenoid and circuit breaker protection


  • Keep your winch in clean place all time

5. Superwinch LT2000 12V Utility Winch (2,000lb), Pink

Look at this Red Dot Design award-winning product from Superwinch! Not only does it looks very nice in its design, but it also very powerful and efficient pull power. At only 1 HP (0.8KW) this winch has a strength to pull at 2,000 lb. For your own safety, it also comes with a circuit breaker protection. What is greater about this product is that the users reported they were able to drag even more than 2,000 lb of weight.

Special features:

  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Easily upgradable into ATV handlebar unit


  • Users reported to have some kind of junctions after the winch had not been used for more than a year

4. Sportsman EWINCH 2000-Pound Portable Electric Winch

Next is Sportsman EWINCH the incredible portable electric winch of all times. You have no longer worried about recovering your vehicles, trailering your boat, and pulling stumps and logs with SportsmanEWINCH. It has become very popular since it has a high ability of 6000 lbs. of pulling capacity for rolling stock and 2000 lbs. of pulling capacity for straight pulling.

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Special features:

  • Line speed with full load of 6 ft. per minute
  • Capable of pulling rolling stock and straight pulling
  • Remote switch included


  • Not for overhead lifting

3. Keeper KW75122RM-1 12V DC Rapid Mount Portable Winch with Wireless Control – 7500 lbs. Capacity

Welcome to Keeper, the brilliant electric portable winch. 4.5 horsepower can make Keeper strong enough to carry your heavy car out of stock. With high density LED work light and wireless winch control, this amazing winch’s handheld pendant switch attached to the the15-foot lead. Moreover, it is included galvanized wire rope with the alooped thimble; latched clevis hook and red warning area.

Special features:

  • Power in and out
  • Wireless winch control
  • Latched clevis hook and red warning area


  • Better have the cover for your winch

2. Dutton-Lainson TW9000 12 Volt Trailer Winch 3000 lb.

The second place of best electric portable winch goes to Dutton-Lainson. Dutton-Lainson is specially designed for boats up to 9 000 lbs. Moreover, it has many great functions such as power-in, power-out, and freewheel operation; yet there is also dynamic break as well as mechanical friction break. What makes Dutton-Lainson more and more amazing is that it has a 3-position rotary switch.

Special features:

  • Best choice for boats up to 9 000 lbs.
  • Freewheel operation
  • Dynamic brake and mechanical friction brake


  • The weight of the winch is a bit heavy

1. Master Lock 2955AT 1500lb Portable ATV Winch

Finally, Master Lock has become the 1st best electric portable winch of 2017.This is the most amazing electric portable winch that people recognized. Consuming 12-volt DC power, Master Lock is able to handle the weight of 1 500 pounds. Moreover, it contains Robust planetary gearing that delivers high-torque and radial load capacity in a small envelope. The company has also designed the hook with safety latch and hand-saver strap.

Special features:

  • 35-foot galvanized steel cable
  • Compact size allows for tight-quarters installation
  • Hook with safety latch


  • Keep your winch in a proper place

Last but not least, we have just finish introducing you ten best portable electric winches of 2017. We hope you can find the best one out of the ten since those products are very helpful. Take you times and go through the products again if there are still some doubts.

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