Top 10 Best Sand And Water Table Reviews in 2018

The brilliant indoor play things, Sand and Water Table, can impress children by allowing them playing sand and water inside the house. Kids do not have to bother their parents by begging their parents, again and again, to bring them to the sea to play sand and water anymore. Parents just can buy the Sand and Water Table instead. Moreover, parents do not have to be stressful about cleaning up after children playing with this Sand and Water Table.

10. ECR4Kids Sand and Water Play Table with Lids, Square, 2-Stations, Assorted Colors

The beautiful colorful play table of ECR4Kids is such a fantastic sand and water play center. You kids won’t run around again after they enjoy playing this sand and water table. While enjoying the sand, kids also able to discover tactile. It includes two stations with lids and strong steel legs that are adjustable, so you do not have to worry about cleaning up after you kids play.

Special Features:

  • Adjustable strong steel legs
  • Two stations with lids
  • Discovery of tactile, fine motor skills, and social interaction


  • Not suitable for outdoor play

9. Holy Stone Sand and Water Table with Beach Play Set for Kids

Holy stones professionally designed with a dual side table with four legs including 13 colorful accessories. It is the best choice for early childhood classrooms and daycare since it is elevated for toddlers. You can place it freely indoor such as in the classroom, house, or room, and outdoor such as the backyard. Children will be much delight playing with the sand and water within the table.

Special features:

  • Specially designed for toddlers
  • Compatible sand and water table
  • Provides dual side table with four legs


  • Creative activities is limited

8. Deluxe Sand and Water Playset

Deluxe, the best outdoor sand and water table, will bring your children much summer fun. The sand tank is divided separately from the water tank. Both of the compartment comes with a removable rubber plug for better drainage and easy cleaning. Moreover, kids will love 19 different beach toys for various activities in the tank.

Special features:

  • The sand and water compartment comes with a removable rubber plug for easy cleaning
  • Include 19 different beach toys


  • Not available for 3 or 4 children playing at the same times

7. Step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table

Step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table is a creative two-sided table for a thousand area and water area. Have fun with Step2 Dino Dig by pouring water into the top volcano and watch the guests down the Ash Mountain for water eruption. Moreover, children would love to see the dinosaurs getting some shade and taking a drink from the local watering hole under the realistic palm tree.

Special features:

  • Large table allow for multiple kids play together
  • making water eruption from the volcano
  • Playing with dinosaur toys


  • Not suitable for bringing around with you

6. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

There are more and more challenging between water and sand table to make kids have very good time playing with sand and water. Therefore, Little Tikes has invented incredible sand and water table that is included the Ferris wheel, funnel, and spiral, to make more creativities. Kids will be impressed by the spinning Ferris wheel and the running ball.

Special features:

  • Include one water cup and 5 round characters that squirt water
  • Develop “put-and-take” and early motor skills
  • Various fun activities


  • Keep in a better place avoid damaging the Ferris wheel

5. Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table

Kids who love beach, sea, and sea activities like swimming or diving will fall in love with Step2 Spill & Splash sand and water table. With the creative design of the table, this sand and water table allows children to send their swimmer for diving to the bottom of the diving board and send them for a ride on the swinging slide. There are also sea creatures for visiting the mermaid lagoon or swimming with a dolphin.

Special features:

  • Including many toys related to sea activities
  • Capable of 3.24 gallons (12.26 L) of water
  • Umbrella for shading while playing


  • Plenty of water needed to fill the two tank

4. Little Tikes Treasure Hunt Sand and Water Table

Dual sand and water table, Little Tikes, is very well known for among children for various funny activities. Kids will be attracted and refresh with fun and bright hunt theme. This large table enables to attached trammel, train elevator and water chute which provides many exciting activities. Moreover, there are 13 accessories including six pieces of treasure.

Special features:

  • Bright color and treasure hunt theme
  • Allow multi-children play together at the same time


  • The table legs are not made of steel

3. Step2 787800 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center

This is another popular sand and water table product of Step2. Beside attractive design of the table, this table is attached with convenient drain plug for easy draining and cleaning. This large table is separated into two sides to allows kids to play both sand and water with their friends. The additional removable umbrella is also included for providing shade while playing.

Special features:

  • Easy to clean by a convenient drain plug
  • Durable plastic cover
  • Additional removable umbrella


  • Creative activities are limited

2. Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay

Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay is an amazing sand and water table for kids to enjoy playing the sand and water with other seven pieces of accessory sets. The designer has done an amazing job of the combination of water tower and mountain cover which creates a waterfall. The cover fits either side and separating the sand from water; also, it can be used separately or together for added play.

Special features:

  • Easy to clean by a convenient drain plug
  • Cover can be used for added play


  • Not recommended for outdoor play

1. Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Play Table

More than a sand and water table, Little Tikes has designed the table with the shape of a pirate ship. To make it more interesting and exciting for children, Little Tikes has also loaded with spinning features. Children can pour water into the crow nests or the pump to make the water moves. Amazingly, kids can squirt water from the water cannon and raise or lower anchor by cracking the handle.

Special features:

  • Attractive pirate ship shape
  • Include spinning features
  • Moving water with pump or by pouring water into the crow nests


  • Keep the table in a proper place to prevent damage

Finally, we have finished reviewing 10th best sand and water table of 2017. As the products are very little different from each one, they are still made for a high-quality product. After reviewing all product, I hope you can found your favorite sand and water table one for your children.

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