Top 10 Best Toilet Night Light Motion Sensor Reviews in 2018

During nighttime, most of us would sleep without a light on, if we’re not wrong. Problems definitely happen because we wake up in the middle of the night to maybe drink water, or more importantly, use the toilet and the room is dark. Now we have discovered this amazing toilet night light motion sensor product that can light up your toilet. Yes, it sounds weird, but it is a must-have item in your house or your shop. Its dim light helps your eyes to adjust easily, which is far better than suddenly expose your eyes to bright light. Imagine, you have a visitor in your house, and they ask to use your toilet. Well, it actually lights up. Your visitor is going ask “Oh! How can I do this too?” For now, let us walk you through the Top 10 Best Toilet Night Light Motion Sensor Reviews in 2017.

10. J&L LED Sensor Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight Battery-operated with Red and Green Light Showing Toilet Seat Up or Down

Starting with our 10th product which is from J and L. This is a kind of LED toilet that can be activated by our motion. It tracks our movement and lights up its LED by itself. Sounds extreme right? The best part is that it can close itself when you leave your toilet. Moreover, there are two lights colors: the red color indicates that the toilet seat is still up while the green tells you the seat is down. In fact, most users find it easy to install which takes only several minutes. Just stick it to your toilet lid then you are ready to go.

Special features:

  • Easily install
  • Comes with adhesive tape
  • Use AA batteries easily replace
  • Show 2 light colors


  • Come in white


9. Motion Activated Toilet Night light LED sensor

Following the list, our 9th item is from Motion Bowl which is also a kind of LED light sensor. Because of its ability to activate the light when detecting our motion, you will find this an astounding toilet light to help guide you and your kid way so that you won’t bump into anything in front. Fascinatingly, it comes with 8 DIFFERENT colors which you can customize to fit your preference.

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Special features:

  • Variety of light colors
  • Self-activating and deactivating
  • Simple installation
  • Flexible PVC light neck
  • Water resistant


  • Irreplaceable light


8. Adoric Motion Activated Toilet Night Light – 2 Modes in 8 Color – Only Activated in Darkness

Our next good is in the 8thplace, and it is Adoric. If you are looking for LED light that is only self-operate in the dark and has different colors, this is the right one. The light is beautiful and dim which it is suitable for your sleepy eyes. Additionally, you can set the light to be rotated or fixed on one color.

Special features:

  • Motion activation
  • 3 AA batteries, long battery life
  • Easily install and clean
  • Customizable light colors
  • High quality LED bulb
  • Water resistant
  • Fun to use


  • Made of plastic


7. Toilet Night Light, Lampat Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

Here comes our 7th item which is Lampat Motion Activated Toilet Night Light. So far, you have seen so many great products that have different features and now here is another one for you. With Auto-Sensing Technology, Lampat toilet light is sure can bring out a playful environment in your house. More importantly, its PVC neck is designed to be flexible which can be fit to almost every toilet bowl shape.

Special features:

  • Auto sensor light
  • extended battery – 3 AAA batteries
  • Soft and flexible neck
  • Light has eight colors
  • Modern design


  • Plastic material


6. Comwinn Colorful Motion Sensor Toilet Night Lights, 1-Pack

You have reached our 6th product on the list, and it is Coming. This brand is well known for its sensor night light for it has very lightweight and the size is pretty small. However, its ability to light up your toilet is pretty fascinating. Funnily, it is so smart that it will open when it senses your motion which is an excellent way to save up energy. Get this one, so your little buddy will not wake you at night when he/she wants to use the toilet.

Special features:

  • 8 LED light colors
  • Small size
  • Flexible cord fit any toilet


  • You may need to check on it more regularly


5. WEBSUN Motion Activated Toilet Night Light 8 Color Changing Led Toilet Seat Light

Right at the moment, you are at our 5th item which is from WEBSUN brand. We challenge you to get this for your restroom and wait to enjoy your business at night time. When you have this one with eight light colors, a flexible cord, 3 AAA batteries, and the motion-activation function, what else would you ask for?Consider this product when you want to have a colorful toilet.

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Special features:

  • Beautiful 8 colors LED light
  • Easy to install
  • Soft PVC fit to any toilet


  • Sensor works better when face door


4. Toilet Night Light, Miatec Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

Moving on to the 4thtoilet light is from Miatec, an awesome product for advanced users like you. From its variety of light colors, using the motion sensor to operate, to energy sufficient, there is no way you can resist this one. It is made of ABS plastic which is durable. Choose this cool night light if you are looking for a fun way to decorate your restroom.

Special features:

  • Many light colors: 8 colors
  • Using battery
  • Sensor detection


  • Keep away from running water


3. Colorful Motion Sensor Toilet Nightlight ,Oenbopo Home

Coming up next on the list, the 3rd place is Oenbopo toilet night light. We don’t want to be dramatic, but really this application is a must-try. Equipped with the theauto-sensing system, you should try out this kind of technology. The light color is beautiful and can be adjusted.

Special features:

  • Auto-sensing system
  • Many colors


  • Can only work in dark


2. Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

Let us present you our top 2 product from Vintar which is quite popular among users nowadays. Because of its high ability to operate using the sensor, you can even consider it as a gift to probably a house warming party. One of its stand-out features is that you can adjust the light intensity up to level 5, the brightest.

Special features:

  • Multi light colors
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Sleek and modern design to fit just any toilet


  • Use with care


1. LumiLux Advanced 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Light, Internal Memory, Light Detection

Finally, standing on top of the list, our 1st place product comes from LimuLux. In fact, there are a couple of characteristics that make it one of the best toilet lights so far. Firstly, its advanced technology can detect human heat and will enable itself. Once in the bright light, it will not activate itself which is one way to save energy.On top of that, you will experience a beautiful dimly color base upon your desire. The best parts are its design, flexible PVC neck, and colors.

Special features:

  • Detect motion to light up
  • Different light color choice
  • Easy to wipe or clean


  • 6 months to 1-year battery life


This is the end of our Top 10 Best Toilet Night Light Motion Sensor Reviews in 2017. We carefully chose products that have high quality and acceptable price for you. However, we hope that our review can help you to choose the best one for your restroom.

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