Top 10 Best Water Bottles in Bulk in 2019 Reviews

Reusable water bottles are everywhere and they’re likely here to stay. Buying reusable water bottles in bulk can save money and allow the user to have enough water bottles for a few days or for the entire week without constant washing. Users like to be able to carry a durable water bottle with them throughout the day.They are convenient for working out, being outside or just to refill throughout the day to get your daily allowance of water. Reusable bottles are environmentally friendly and can save a lot of money over buying bottles of water. But how do a user decided which ones are the most durable, the best quality and the easiest to use? Being leak proof is also a must for a quality reusable water bottle. The following is a list of the top ten best water bottles in bulk based on customer reviews, price and product features.

10. Neon Sport Water Bottles


Neon Sport Water Bottles

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These bottles come in vibrant colors. The set offers 1 dozen plastic bottles, each with a carrying handle. They are not listed as BPA-free. The bottles are dishwasher safe but may not be as durable as some of the others. The lid is attached to the bottle and has a leak-proof ring inside. The carrying handle may not last long with these bottles as it is not high quality.

9. Customized Aluminum Bike Bottles


Customized Aluminum Bike Bottles

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This set is for the user who doesn’t want to have to wash water bottles frequently. The set includes 36 customizable bottles with a capacity of 25 oz each. There is a variety of colors to choose from. Since these are made of aluminum they are very lightweight but they will not keep a drink cold for long. Also the set involves a high up front investment which would probably pay for itself in the long run with money saved on buying bottled water. They have a screw on, leak-proof lid.

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8. Sports Squeeze Bottles


Sports Squeeze Bottles

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This set includes 10 BPA-free plastic water bottles. They each have a 28 oz capacity. These bottles must be washed by hand. They offer a push/pull lid and are leak-proof. They are impact resistant and durable. The large opening makes it easy to add ice to the bottle if desired.

7. Faucet Face Value Water bottles


Faucet Face Value Water bottles

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This set of reusable bottles includes 3 glass bottles each with a 14.4 oz capacity. These are smaller than some of the other bottles. Each bottle has a unique and colorful design. These bottles won’t leak chemicals into your water or leave a strange taste after sitting out all day. The glass will add weight to the bottles that you won’t get from the plastic bottles on the list.

6. Teikis Glass Water Bottles


Teikis Glass Water Bottles

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The Teikis set includes 8 glass water bottles and a bottle brush to help keep the bottles clean. Each bottle has a capacity of 18 oz. They offer BPA-free plastic lids and the glass will not leach chemicals into your water. They are dishwasher safe and come with a money back guarantee and 2 year warranty.

5. Rubbermaid Chug Bottles


Rubbermaid Chug Bottles

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This set includes 4 plastic bottles, each with a 20 oz capacity. The set can be purchased in two different color options. The lid has a finger loop for easy carrying and is leak-proof. They are BPA-free and are freezer and dishwasher safe. They also fit into most standard cup holders.

4. Stainless Steel Reusable Sports Bottles


Stainless Steel Reusable Sports Bottles

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This set has 4 stainless steel, BPA-free water bottles with a 25 oz capacity. There are two red and two black. The offer a wide mouth opening with an easy twist on lid and a carabineer to clip the bottles onto your backpack, purse or bike. These bottles are lightweight but very durable. They are not insulated so they won’t keep water as cold as some of the other bottles.

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3. Rolling Sands set of 10 plastic water bottle


Rolling Sands set of 10 plastic water bottle

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This set includes 10 BPA-free plastic bottles. Each bottle has a 24 oz capacity. They are made in the USA with PET plastic, the safest plastic for drinking bottles. One of the main drawbacks of this set is that they are hand wash only. They offer a spill-proof top and should fit in most cup holders.

2. Aquasana Glass Water Bottles


Aquasana Glass Water Bottles

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This set includes 6 glass water bottles each with a 18 oz capacity. They bottles and lids are BPA-free. These bottles are dishwasher safe. The glass helps to keep your water fresh and crisp tasting. The only concern would be breakage but you can order a separate set of silicone sleeves to help prevent that.

1.Reduce Waterweek 5 bottle set


Reduce Waterweek 5 bottle set

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The Reduce 5 bottle set is BPA free plastic. This set has a convenient refrigerator tray to save space and keep all the bottles together. They are dishwasher safe. Each bottle has a 16 oz capacity and comes in unique bright patterns. The lids are standard screw on lids and should provide a leak proof seal when tightened on correctly.

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