Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World in 2019


World peace seems as elusive as ever nowadays. Everyone seems to have a desire to be at peace, yet it is not known how to obtain it. We live in countries and cities with high risks of terrorism and crime. Each nation’s government is committed to making its individuals at peace with each other, however it is not possible to direct each person to the right direction. The factors that are responsible for making a country fall into the category of dangerous are dire poverty, corrupting, and wary following humanitarian disaster, plus child marriage, sexual violence religious and tribal practice, high maternal mortality, female genital mutilation, rape, high levels of trafficking and domestic servitude, acid attacks, political instability, economic discrimination, lack of access to resources, poor health care, homicides, dealings with neighboring countries, jailed persons, terrorist activity, nuclear and heavy weapon capability and a lot more.

Below, you’ll find a list of the top 10 most dangerous countries in the world in 2018 for you to be aware of.

10. Mexico


Mexico is one of the countries in the world that is highly dangerous. It is a less peaceful state to live in, although it is developed. The drug-dealings here are very common place and arms trafficking and murders are part of everyday life for the people living there.

9. USA

America is truly the super power in the world and has rules which are strict, however this country is still not safe to a large extent. In the USA, street crimes are common, and other than this, the dangerous criminals and gangs remain active. Many times the cases of rape, smuggling, mass killing and innocent killings are reported in the most populated and developed cities of America.

8. Sudan

This is another highly dangerous country of the world. Sudan has been in a relationship with Egypt for many of the matters that are state-related. Both of these states have been against each other and negatively comment all the time. The people of Sudan and international tourists often suffer from smuggling and high level street crimes. Sudan has been the hub for dangerous criminals.

7. India

India is one of the countries with the most people. Indians have to deal with a high rate of unemployment, terrorism and restlessness on a day to day basis. The rapes and street crimes of India are at an extremely high level. This is the reason this country was not chosen by international tourists to spend their vacations in. Plus, domestic violence and children marriages in India have become problems which are common. The high levels of these child marriages and domestic and trafficking servitude makes India the most unsafe and dangerous country for women, which is supposed to the biggest democracy following country. The India Home secretary, Madhukar Gupta, said that around 100 million people, most of them girls and women, are involved in trafficking. Plus, since the last century, around fifty million girls are listed as missing because of female infanticide and feticide. Early marriages cause 44.5% of girls under 18 years of age to be married.

6. Syria

There is a considerably high level of street-crimes and terrorism in Syria. This country has been suffering for a long time from an extreme level of political freedom which led to mass killing and other threats that are extreme. The ongoing armed conflicts in this country started in 2011’s early spring when the nationwide protests were reported against the government of President Bashar Al-Assad.

5. Russia

One of the rendered to live-in states in the world is Russia. It has a very high population and countless cases of terrorism, making Russia an extremely dangerous country to be in so far. The political system of Russia is unstable, and a major problem of the country is its street crimes. These factors make Russia an unfavorable place for international tourists to visit.

4. Pakistan

This is an under-developing country. Pakistan has long been suffering from many different internal conflicts, poverty, starvation, and threats from outside forces. The relationship of Pakistan with its neighboring country, India, has never been healthy. This has caused the people here to suffer from terrorism, and the two states are large rivals to each other. Every year, according to the Human’s rights commission of Pakistan, over then thousand children and innocent women are murdered because of domestic violence. Some surveys have stated that cultural and religious practices are harmful to people in addition to child labor, forced marriages, physical abuse such as stoning and acid attacks. Each year more than one thousand girls and women become victims of what are called “honor killings”, according to the Human’s rights commission of Pakistan. Plus, ninety percent of Pakistani women are subjected to domestic violence.

3. Iraq

For a long time Iraq has been under the threat of outside attacks and road crimes. They have long suffered from extreme terrorism pressure, and there is far too little harmony in the cities. Iran’s government has unfortunately failed to control the current alarming situation of killings and crimes of innocent people.

2. Afghanistan

A conflicting country, Afghanistan is not a suitable country to live in at all. The famous A-Qaeda terrorists are living here now. A significant number of terrorism organizations have set up their permanent residential camps in Iran. This country has been the hub of children’s murders, women’s killing, bomb attacks, street crimes and more for a very long time.

1. Somalia

Currently the most dangerous state in the world is Somalia. No doubt it is a beautiful country, however the terrorism in Somalia is unfortunately at its highest it has ever been. This makes it a country which is not peaceful or safe for tourist to visit. The country has been under the threats of rape and kidnappings. Seemingly uncontrollable by the government of Sudan, the situation just keeps getting worse. Plus, the rate of unemployment in Somalia has been extremely high and has increased a great deal. This is the reason that external help is very much needed by the state. It is one of the most lawless, poorest and violent countries in the world.

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