Top 5 Best Portable Blu-Ray Players in 2019


In the era of digital streaming on mobile devices, portable Blue-Ray players can sometimes be the forgotten tool of frequent travelers and families with children. Though they may have fallen out of the limelight, portable Blu-Ray players are still an excellent choice for longer road trips, flights, and any other venue where a healthy distraction can make the day a little more bearable.

Though much has changed in the world of portable video, much remains the same when deciding which portable Blu-Ray player to choose. The top concerns that today’s consumers need to consider include the following:

  • Battery life of the portable device
  • Compatibility with DVD, Blu-Ray, and portable storage formats
  • Screen size
  • Intuitive nature of video playback controls
  • Weight and physical dimensions, especially when traveling
  • Onboard upscaling, for DVD and other lower-quality formats
  • Price

Best Portable Blu-Ray Players in 2017

With these considerations in mind, today’s portable Blu-Ray player buyers have several strong options from some of the world’s leading technology companies. The best Blue-Ray players are ranked below, culminating at the end with the top 5 best portable blue-ray players in 2017 currently on the market.

5. Sony 10.1V terrestrial digital tuner built-in portable Blu-ray Disc Player (BDP-Z1)


Traveling a long distance with nothing to watch? The Sony BDP-Z1 is a great solution. This portable Blu-Ray player, compatible with all SD and HD formats, also has a built-in tuner that can receive broadcast television signals. Like all tuner systems sold since the “digital transition” a decade ago, this model features an antenna that can receive terrestrial, digital signals from major broadcast networks in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The system is a deal for longer road trips when it might be refreshing to pair a standard slate of HD movies with local broadcasts that provide a few extra options.

Like all of the best portable Blu-Ray players, this Sony model comes with both an AC charging cable and a car charging cable. The battery itself will last up to five hours, depending on brightness and the type of content being watched; recharging that battery will take upwards of 8 hours in most cases. On the road, the portable unit can use direct AC power from a car charger to power the screen without waiting for a full charge.


  • Built-in television tuner
  • Fully compatible with Blu-Ray and digital HD formats
  • Battery life of more than 5 hours


  • Bulkier design could make this model too heavy for kids
  • International broadcast compatibility is limited by the built-in tuner
  • Five-hour battery life is good for a Blu-Ray player but subpar for portable broadcast TV systems

4. Philips PB9011/37 9-Inch 1080p Portable DVD Player


Philips is one of the oldest and most respected names in home technology, and that commitment extends even to the company’s portable Blu-Ray player. This 9-inch portable player is compatible with both DVD and Blu-Ray formats, which is refreshing for families and travelers who have a collection of both SD and HD movies. The Philips system doesn’t stop there, however. This system is also able to read digital HD and SD files via a built-in SD card reader. That means DRM-free purchases from major online retailers will play without issue on this model.

One thing to note about the Philips portable Blu-Ray player is that this model doesn’t feature the standard, laptop-like design with a center hinge. Instead, it uses a rear prop that holds the screen up and makes for a slimmer design. This is, overall, a good design choice for buyers who intend to use the portable player on an airplane or bus, where space is limited. In the car, however, this design could be difficult for younger passengers to hold for an extended period of time. This quirk is worth considering if the portable device will primarily be used in cars, where tray tables are quite rare.


  • Top-notch HD display panel
  • Unique design that works better in very tight spaces
  • Excellent sound quality from side-mounted speakers


  • No battery, which means it must be plugged into home power, USB, or a car charger while in use.

3. Samsung BD-C8000 1080p 3D Blu-ray Disc Player


Samsung is known for having some of the best displays and home theater products on the market, and its portable Blu-Ray player doesn’t disappoint on either front. First and foremost, the Samsung model incorporates a 10.5-inch display that is among the largest in the industry for a portable Blu-Ray player. Some competing DVD players have larger screens, but their lack of Blu-Ray and HD compatibility is a non-starter for most people in 2017. The large screen isn’t just HD-compatible, however.

The display panel also incorporates 3D technology that turns 3D Blu-Rays into a fully immersive experience, even while traveling in a car or airplane. This is entirely unique to the Samsung model. Currently, no another manufacturer has incorporated 3D technology into a portable Blu-Ray model. In addition to this unit’s ability to support SD, HD, and 3D video, the Samsung portable Blu-Ray player also supports digital formats. Thanks to included SD card reader and USB storage support, the device can read most DRM-free video file formats. What’s more, this model is compatible with Samsung AllShare and has Wi-Fi connectivity, making it possible to even stream movies on the go using an airplane or in-car wireless hotspot.


  • AllShare connectivity for digital viewing
  • Internet functionality via Wi-Fi
  • Large, 10.3-inch display


  • Heavier and bulkier than most models
  • Battery only lasts two hours

2. Azend Group Corp BDP-M1061 Maxmade Portable 10-Inch Blu-Ray DISC/DVD Player


A relatively new name in home electronics, Azend impresses with its 10-inch portable Blu-Ray player. The device was designed specifically to mimic the thin design of a tablet. To that end, it can be folded down into a very low-profile package and slipped into an included carrying case. The exceedingly lightweight design used by this portable Blu-Ray player makes it a great choice for families with young children since it’s very easy to hold and manipulate while on the go.

In addition to its lightweight design, there are some other reasons to choose the Azend model. A swivel display allows for wider viewing angles and better use in groups, while SD/MMC card capacity lets users watch digital HD films that they may have purchased from one of the several DRM-free online stores. The portable player also features a LAN connection, primarily to enable “BD Live” interactive features that ship with many of today’s most popular titles.


  • Large, 10-inch LCD screen
  • Compatibility with Blu-Ray and digital HD formats
  • Exceedingly thin design


  • “Sticky” swivel screen can be hard to use for younger children

1. Sony BDPSX910 Sony Portable Blu-ray Player


When it comes to finding a purely portable Blu-Ray player with only the most essential features, Sony hits it out of the park. The company’s BDPSX910 has top-notch picture quality on a 9-inch screen, nearly 5 hours of battery life, and a lightweight design that kids and adults alike will find quite easy to hold and manage.

Like all of today’s most impressive portable Blu-Ray players, the Sony model comes with both an AC power cable and a car charger. This model can also be charged via USB, making it compatible with most of the in-seat power systems used on today’s airplanes. The device ships with both power cables, a pair of earbuds, and a remote control that can be used to manipulate video from a distance.


  • USB port provides access to digital files
  • Swivel screen makes for better viewing angles
  • AC charger, car charger, and earbuds included
  • Adjustable screen brightness can enhance battery longevity


  • Sound can be a bit muffled due to speaker placement

Portable Blu-Ray Players Remain a Great Option for Traveling

The world full of smartphones and tablets can make it easy to forget portable Blu-Ray players, but these compact devices are still an essential way to watch movies and television shows on the go. With HD and 3D compatibility, and the ability to read both physical discs and digital formats, today’s portable players are smarter and more flexible than ever.

The five options listed here range from standard DVD players and budget options to market-leading, innovative portable video players that will surprise and delight the entire family.

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